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Is There Really A “Truth”
That Can Set You Free?

From what I discovered and now Experience, the answer is “Yes!”

There’s an extraordinary opportunity awaiting you to leap through a portal, traverse a rarely traveled path on the other side, and permanently transform your life and your experience of money, business, relationships, body, mind, emotions, Spirituality and Truth.

I can show you where the portal is, help you unlock it, and guide you along The Truth Path, pointing from deep personal experience.

The opportunity awaiting you involves discovering, seeing clearly, then directly and consistently Experiencing what I’ve been shown to be The Truth about:

  • Who you really are and what your life purpose really is
  • The Creative Forces that shape what happens to you
  • The thoughts, feelings, and sensations you experience every day
  • Happiness, inner peace, abundance, prosperity, and success
  • What’s commonly called Spirituality, Awakening, Illumination and Enlightenment
  • Plus so much more …

I call directly and consistently Experiencing Truth … “Living in Ultimate Freedom,” which is a synonym for “Phase 3″ if you’re a Phase 2 Player.

Permanently Transcend What’s Been Limiting And Restricting You …

I was led on an extraordinary journey that began when I was 12 years old. That journey dissolved lies, illusions and stories and awakened a direct and consistent Experience of Ultimate Freedom.

I have a unique ability to lead you on a similar journey, if you have the passion and hunger for it. It’s an extraordinary journey that uses the the daily happenings in your life as the raw material and launching pad, versus requiring you to withdraw from life, mentally or physically.

The Teachings available here can support you in transcending what’s been limiting and restricting you. They can help you permanently end your searching, seeking, and habit of using techniques and practices in an attempt to Awaken, change, fix or improve your life.

spiritual awakening

Like Morpheus in the film The Matrix, I can give you a “Red Pill” that begins a process that’ll change everything for you, personally and professionally!

If you’d like to discover what Ultimate Freedom is and how to Experience It, all day, every day, no matter what’s happening inside you or around you, begin your journey here.

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P.S. Prepare yourself for some unusually direct, blunt, and straight talk about the lies, illusions and stories that have been limiting you — and The Truth that finally sets you free!