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Welcome To Ultimate Freedom
And The Truth That Sets You Free

There’s a Truth out there … quietly waiting to be discovered and Experienced. The Truth about:

  • Who you really are and what your True purpose is
  • What “The Human Story” is really about at the deepest and most profound level
  • How things really work while you’re here playing your role in The Human Story
  • The Creative Process and Forces that shape what happens to you every day
  • What’s commonly called “Spirituality”
  • How to consistently Experience True Abundance and True Prosperity in your life

I can help you discover The Truth, and more importantly, Experience it in a practical way, all day, every day, no matter what’s going on around you or inside you.

I  call Experiencing The Truth … “Living in Ultimate Freedom.”

As you might expect (and wish for), Ultimate Freedom includes permanent transformation of your Experience of money, career, emotions, thoughts, body, mind, relationships, personal growth, spiritual development, and more.

A Portal Into Another World And Way Of Life Awaits You …

I was led on an extraordinary journey that began when I was 12 years old. That journey took me through lies, illusions and stories into a direct and consistent Experience of Truth and Ultimate Freedom

I have a unique ability to lead you on a similar journey, if you have the passion and hunger for it. It’s an extraordinary journey that uses the the daily happenings in your life as raw material and the launching pad, versus requiring you to withdraw from life, mentally or physically.

The Teachings available here can open a portal for you into another way of life.

They can illuminate a radically different path you can travel to transcend what has been limiting, restricting and blocking you from achieving your True Goals and experiencing the Ultimate Freedom you’ve been craving (consciously or secretly).

I can show you where the portal is, open it for you, help you leap through it and navigate the path that reveals itself on the other side — pointing from deep personal experience. 

spiritual awakening

Like Morpheus in the film The Matrix, I can give you a “Red Pill” that changes everything for you.  

You are cordially invited to begin your investigation and journey by visiting the Teachings or Online Courses pages.

Prosperity Consciousness, Abundance And Prosperity, How To Attract Abundance


P.S. Prepare yourself for some unusually direct, blunt, and straight talk about the lies, illusions and stories that have been limiting you — and The Truth that finally sets you free!