Rediscovery Of “Floatation Tanks”

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Years ago, I used what are called “Flotation Tanks” or “Sensory Deprivation Tanks” in New York City and Phoenix. Then I moved and tanks weren’t available to me.

I re-discovered them a year ago, when a Flotation Center opened in my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. But then that Center moved to another city. So, since I loved the experience, I recently got my own tank.

The idea is if you can turn off or dramatically reduce all sensory input (sounds, images, sensations, etc.), it’s possible to have a wide variety of expansive experiences. That’s a quick summary only. See below for more detail.

I’m loving having easy access to the tank and I use it almost every day when I’m home. While floating, I experience what could be called “deep relaxation” and “expanded states” and also a tremendous flow of creative ideas in it. It’s super cool.

I also used it as an example and pointer towards Truth in the Being In Truth Experience I used to offer.

I have the tank at my office which I now call my “Creative Space.” Here’s a picture of it:

Robert Scheinfeld's sensory deprivation tank











Information On Flotation Tanks

I have the “Samadhi Classic” Tank. Lee and Glenn Perry are the owners of the company. They’ve been manufacturing tanks for 28+ years, since the very beginning with Dr. John Lilly. Here’s their website:

The Book Of Floating by Michael Hutchinson


Kindle E-Book:

Lots of additional information can be found by searching for “isolation tank,” “sensory deprivation tank,” “floatation tank,” or “flotation tank” in Google.

You can also check out these resource sites:


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  • David

    thought you might like to see the next generation from Europe.

    • robert

      Yep. Aware of the i-sopod unit. It’s very cool …

      – Robert

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