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Illusions Appearing Real …

Posted in Abundance and Prosperity, How to Attract Abundance, Prosperity Consciousness, Spiritual Enlightenment, The Spiritual Awakening on October 27th, 2011by Robert Scheinfeld

The Teachings I share are about exposing lies, illusions, stories and myths — and shining the Light of Truth upon them.

They’re about exchanging the experience of limitation and restriction (that come from those lies, illusions and stories) for a direct and consistent Knowing, Seeing and Experience of Truth.

That means exposing what I call “sleight of hand in Consciousness”; lies, illusions and stories we believe to be true in our personal lives, in our careers; as it relates to money, manifesting abundance, personal development and spiritual development — everywhere and everything.

The following video was shared with me by my client, Rosemarie McDowall. It depicts an amazing light show projected  … live and realtime … onto the front of a building I’m told is in Kharkov (a city in the Ukraine) — showing how real illusions, sleight of hand, can appear (including in Consciousness).

Watch and enjoy it — on a literal and spiritual level:

What if you could See and appreciate everything that appears to happen to you, no matter what story could be told about it, like you can See and appreciate the illusions in the video above?



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