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Welcome to my blog!

This blog is a stream of consciousness reflection of communications I feel moved to share about:

  1. My journey
  2. The Teachings
  3. Things I’m doing and seeing that might be valuable or supportive to you
  4. Other personal development and spiritual development models, teachings, techniques, and strategies

Say tuned and be sure to let me know about specific topics you’d like me to chime in on.


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  • rich collier

    I’m a “hip” old timer with not a clue about most computer functions, but thought that I’d be able to read comments by you or your subscribers (however that is done). If you send complicated instructions for me -I say in all humility don’t bother as I probably won’t be able to carry them out. So, my question is, how do I plug into the blogs?

    • robert

      Subscribing to the blog requires some technical know-how that we’re not in a position to support people on. The best alternative is to simply return to the blog page from time to time and see what’s happening!

  • JuliaD

    Hi Robert, it’s very interesting to know your personal experience in phase 2 and 3.

  • Dee

    I can hardly wait for your first entry.

  • Dee

    Robert, have you planned this blog to be a place where you’ll be doing a “message” once a week, or so … or is it going to be like a chat room where we can discuss what you’ve written and also share some of our own experiences with each other?

    • robert

      I’ll be posting messages whenever I feel moved to, about whatever I feel moved to, and visitors can comment if they feel moved to. Limited discussion will be available. If you want to have more complex chats, discussions, I suggest joining the True Creative Power Community. Request membership here:


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