What Makes The Ultimate Freedom Teachings So Different?

Welcome to the first episode of a new video series I created called “Friday Q&As.” Each Friday, I’ll answer questions from my clients and subscribers about personal development, spiritual development, spirituality, Truth and relayed topics. In this first episode, I’ll answer 2 questions: What makes The Ultimate Freedom Teachings so different? What role does “manifesting”…


Where Is The Real Power?

  Who or what REALLY creates, determines or shapes what happens in your life day to day? Is it you? Your mind? Your thoughts? Your energy? Your goals and intent? Your beliefs? Your subconscious mind? The techniques and practices you use? Or is it “someone” or “something” else? Listen to the audio below to get…


You As A Superhero …


I saw the quote below on a blog yesterday, loved it, and felt moved to share it with you.

I’d probably language the point being made in a slightly different way if I were to create a quote, but I offer this, as is, for your consideration: