You As A Superhero …


I saw the quote below on a blog yesterday, loved it, and felt moved to share it with you.

I’d probably language the point being made in a slightly different way if I were to create a quote, but I offer this, as is, for your consideration:



The Rings Of Relationship

  There are many different types of relationships that support our lives and stories. There’s the relationship with ourselves first and foremost. But what I call The Human Game, The Human Experience, or The Human Story is a team sport for the most part, and so we also have relationships called family, acquaintances or bit…


Risky is The New Safe

  I don’t normally devote blog posts to book recommendations, but I have one for you today. It’s not a book on spiritual or personal development, however. It has nothing to do with Busting Loose, the tools, Truth, Consciousness, or The Teachings I normally discuss. But it has important content regardless … from a more…