Can You Succeed Without Setting Goals And Intentions?

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Most self-help systems say you cannot succeed without first getting clear on what you want …

And then setting goals and intentions to create, manifest or attract what you got clear on.

In this episode I take a brutally honest look at that belief system.

Is it True?

Does the world really work that way?

You’ll be surprised by what you’ll discover.




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Love it, hate it, blew your mind (literally), whatever, I welcome your comments below.

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Showing 4 comments
  • whitecat

    Still very hard to “believe”…

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      I hear you.

      I honor your right to your beliefs and unique journey.

      And, to my bias and experience (plus the experiences of 1000s of others worldwide) …

      As the Nicholas Cage character, playing an Angel in the City Of Angels movie said, “Some things are True whether you believe them or not.”

      The opportunity here is not to just think about it, but look around, at your own life, and the lives of others, including the big, famous success stories, and see what actually happens.

      Nothing wrong with setting goals. I’m not saying don’t use them, although that is an option for some people on some paths through life.

      Key points here are 1. Goals and intentions are not NEEDED as the party line shouts out; 2. There’s another Force that ultimately drives what happens to you (and when); 3. When this and related Truths are Seen and Experienced, it opens the door to many, many benefits.


  • Andrea

    Thanks Robert. I really appreciate this podcast. I let go and live this way. There is no way I could have set goals for the things that have happened. It freaks people out that I do this, that I have no plans, especially in business. Doors open and things happen. I’m very happy “to not be driving the bus.”

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Sauce, Andrea!
      (sauce is short for “super awesome” in robert-speak with his kids)

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