Can You Think Your Way Into An Experience Of Truth, Phase 3, And Ultimate Freedom?

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In this episode of Friday Q&As, I answer a subscriber question …

And take a brutally honest look at the limitations of thinking, analysis, understanding, logic and intellect …

And what it REALLY takes to Experience Truth, Phase 3 and Ultimate Freedom.

Here’s the audio file:



Right-click on the image below to download the transcript:


Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, I welcome your comments below …


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  • David Kantey

    Thanks Robert this cut right thru all my story around “spirituality”….
    and how dumb is this….Ive “known” this from “Experience” but blurred this by lifes ups and downs recently….of the Living in the “mind/body” experience….this collapsed a huge cloud cover…screen….and relaxed me again into Experience of….
    huge thanks for this Audio Q&A

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Not “dumb.” Just brilliantly created cloud cover, distorting your vision by design.


  • Monika Huppertz

    I think I am catching onto your concept more and more and the Olga story shed more light than ever before. So, am I thinking the same way Olga is when I ask; “Is there a way to dialog with TCE – get some answers, change course of direction or experiences?” Am I simply trying to think my way out or trying to delude myself that there is another way?

    Many thanks for all that you do for the world. Monika

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Your question comes from a similar place as Olga.

      This is not about “concepts.”

      All the answers …

      And more …

      Come as, and when Ultimate Freedom fully Awakens.

      The rest is mind noise and dead ends.


  • Max Wardlow

    Robert, thanks for sharing this, very helpful as usual. Having had a long uneasy relationship with duality, I can totally relate to Olga.

    I like the metaphor of discovering that the house you’ve lived in for years has an upper level that you were unaware of. You don’t have to lose anything in order to enjoy the extra space.

  • DJ Fierce

    OMG Robert… simply wonderful. Having had that Experience in my (DJ’s) story, this is the most genuine, practical, “layman’s” explanation of the inexplicable, wonderful, life changing Knowledge of the so called “sages” that I have ever heard.

    I have tried for years, with countless words, to express what you have said in 20 minutes. You truly have a gift of communicating subject matter that mystics have tried to communicate through volumes of text for 1000’s of years. The Key to Ultimate Freedom is the most powerful presentation I have ever come across and coaxes the Experience from anyone ready to open to Truth.

    You are a modern day, western mystic Robert that is unveiling the mystery and making Truth accessible to any willing to listen… thank you, thank you thank you, 🙂

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Thanks for the expression of enthusiasm and appreciation, DJ. I appreciate it. It has been an amazing story and adventure to See and Experience all of this unfold over the years. To my bias, The Ultimate Key To Freedom Experience is beyond “powerful,” beyond “brilliant.”

      “I” take no credit for it, however.

      “I” simply Experienced it all happening.

      I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!

  • Rose Mizell

    Just yesterday a young man at work brought up the subject of the world not being real and it all being an illusion and while I was fascinated that an 18 yr old would be talking about this it quickly became apparent that he was coming from ideas and concepts and not experience. I bowed out of the conversation knowing that it would not go anywhere. Having been through the Ultimate Freedom Experience I can clearly differentiate between hearing and talking about what an orange tastes like and actually having the experience of tasting an orange, to use your metaphor, Robert. Now that I am experiencing and living in Ultimate Freedom talking about it is rapidly losing any interest for me. Instead I appear to be relaxing more and more into the story that’s unfolding and living in the moment of it. It really must be Experienced! There is no other way.

  • Tracy

    This is an awesome audio! Mind machine chatter used to derail me every time I got somewhere near happy, lol! Now I just ‘get’ what it is, and I use The Process on whatever comes up, whereas BR (Before Robert) I would let mind chatter drag me around by my ‘memories’ so I would never forget who was to blame for this or that, LOL!

    No more beliefs (aka LIES), followed by judgments, followed by consequences followed by misery! Last night I was at work singing along with songs on the radio (which I never do) that seemed custom-tailored to me. I was actually ‘happy for no reason’ 🙂

    This morning my mind wanted to go all gansta on some memory involving lots of family members, when I realized what was happening and instead took the opportunity to blast away at what felt like a huge chunk of the foundation supporting Phase 1.

    So I am very much appreciating your work:)

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