What Creates True Breakthroughs, Transformation, And Awakening

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I love this quote from Alan Watts. As you read, substitute “art” for “personal development effort” or “spiritual development effort”:

“Similarly, in every art, one may experience artistic exhaustion, the exhaustion of the will, where everything has been tried and nothing will work. To achieve the perfection or completion of the art, something that cannot be willed has to happen of itself … We variously call this something grace or inspiration. It is tariki. Everybody always wants to know how to make it happen, but if we knew how to make it happen, it wouldn’t be grace. It’s because we don’t know how to make it happen that it can transcend the limits of the will.”

That is a beautiful and to my bias, accurate way to describe:

  1. What happened to me before I was shown and Experienced The Teachings I now share
  2. What happens that ultimately seems to lead people to me, that is, they tried so many other things that didn’t work
  3. What happens that Truly facilitates the awakening of Ultimate Freedom (what I call The Truth Virus),  that is, “something else” ultimately happens on its own, not from the actions, will or intent of the individual
  4. What can “happen” through The Ultimate Key To Freedom Experience


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