The Journey To The Infinite Online Experience


For just $67 USD …

The Journey To The Infinite Online Experience
includes the following components that can take you
way beyond what’s possible from a book alone:


Fast Start Video

Fast Start Video which introduces you to The System and guides you, step by step, in how to go through it to receive maximum benefit.

9 Video-Based Lesson Segments

12+ hours of exciting content and action taken from a LIVE 2-day event that will guide you, step by step, as you open into an ever expanding experience of True Joyfulness, Power, Wisdom and Abundance.

“Hit The Ground Running” Resources

“Hit The Ground Running” Resources which you’ll use after completing the 9 main lesson segments to help you quickly and smoothly transition from “Learning Mode” to “Action Mode” and rocket forward on your journey.

The “Integration Toolkit”

The “Integration Toolkit” which includes copies of the handouts and other support resources given out at the live event, and other tools and support resources that’ll help you “put your foot on the gas” and move forward as quickly as possible once you awaken in your new world.

All The 4-Color Presentation Slides

All The 4-Color Presentation Slides, bullet points, illustrations and diagrams used in the primary lesson segments. You’ll receive them as downloadable PDF documents and can review them at your leisure and as often as you wish.

14+ Hours Of Advanced Level Audio And Video Content

In addition to the 9 core video segments, you’ll also receive access to 5+ hours of advanced level video content and 9+ hours of advanced level audio content that will support you in integrating everything and moving rapidly into action mode.

MP3 Audio Files

MP3 Audio Files of all the audio content from the 9 video lesson segments so you can transfer and listen to the audio on your iPod or other preferred device.

Written Transcripts

Written Transcripts of the audio and video material from the main lessons. Studies clearly show that if you watch, hear and read something, it has deeper and more long lasting impact on you, so these transcripts will support you beautifully on your journey