The Brutally Honest Truth About Cause And Effect

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In this episode of Brutally Honest Tuesdays, I take a brutally honest look at the idea and concept called “cause and effect.”

What is cause and effect?

What is the true definition of cause and effect?

Is it real?

Is it True?

Is there power in it?

Does it work the way we’ve been taught it does?

Check out the surprising video below and decide for yourself:

Right-click the image below to download the video:

Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, I welcome your comments below.


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  • David

    yes… it IS so.
    here is what I wrote to myself Oct 1… one day before you posted this video

    a story comes to an end
    when The Certainty Rules alter.
    When it can no longer be concluded with Certainty
    that IF (this)
    THEN (that) will follow

  • Jerry

    I have been reading and studying for sometime about how we can use our minds or thoughts to change our physical circumstances. The visual effects of the video of quantum mechanics really had an impact on what I had read about this subject in the past. I do believe that if we can go deep enough in our minds and with conviction that change can come about in our physical world. We make whatever we desire a reality.

    Thanks, Jerry

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      I hear that you believe this is true. Many other people share similar beliefs. I used to look at things that way.

      Now, my Experience is to the contrary.

      To my bias, it’s possible to actually Experience The Truth about this, that what you describe is not how it really works, even if it seems correct as a belief at the idea and concept level, and even when there seems to be evidence to support it.

      Note your language above “studying” and “believe” – all of which refer to thinking, intellect, mind, not Experience.

      I used to put a lot of value on thinking, ideas and concepts as it relates to Truth. I don’t anymore.

      I look at it now (referring to myself and others), more often than not on such things, as “mind noise.”

      To me now, the only thing that matters, as it relates to Truth, is EXPERIENCE.

      Just my 2 cents …

      Of course, you are welcome to disagree with me!


  • Linda

    Thanks Robert for your perspective….much appreciated!!!

  • Maria

    Can you experience without mind and intellect and if so how

  • Ricky

    I absolutely believe there is something unknown controlling what happens in the so called reality, I tried all techniques and all didn’t work at all, the only effective one is your tools in busting looss book, since the first day I began to use them, everything in my life began to collapse, I ran a factory with 70 workers but now the only employee is me, I lost all my relationship and everyone around are against me. I have been living in nightmare for 9 months.Fortunately I have finally calmed down as I understand the reality is not more real than a dream, besides, I have nothing more to lose. Now I am just confused if anything is going to happen as now what is happening is nothing happening, I no longer have passion and motivation to do anything , I wonder why the author of my story is so crazy about tricks.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      To my bias, not tricks, support for knocking out cloud cover.

      Many things “collapsing,” or seeming like they’ll collapse (but they don’t which happens a lot), or many things changing dramatically, lots of “craziness,” is often part of the journey through the cloud cover.

      It is often part of the journey, and necessary, to reveal what’s REALLY in the cloud cover as it’s being dissolved; to slowly but surely exchange lies, illusions and stories for Experiences of Truth; and to allow us to ultimately play in the sunshine in ways that would really serve and fulfill us.

      It is also often part of the journey to allow us to have an amazing experience, like reading a great novel or watching a great movie (except better), so that afterwards, we can say and feel “Wow! OMG! That was AMAZING! What a ride!”

      It was that way for me. As difficult as it seemed in the middle of knocking out cloud cover, as many times as I wanted to give up and didn’t think I could continue (this doesn’t happen to everyone), I wouldn’t trade one second or prefer that certain scenes have been deleted from my story.

  • Corinne

    I have had a few experiences now about causes and effects with knowing that stories illusions and the likes are simply “learned” through experiences so that people in general will believe the same thing… all over again; from emptiness life and or is created and not because.. because is the unknown consciousness that does all things without necessarily relating to each other.. deep, yet easy..thanks Robert

  • Orenda

    Hello Robert,

    I completely agree with this information you shared.

    I had a personal experience where a friend & I were walking across a parking lot to get to my vehicle, he was on my right. For whatever reason … I just turned right and quite literally ‘walked right through him’.

    We both stood there & laughed because we both were conscious of what happened, but had no idea as to how or why it happened. I could even feel his energy field as I walked through it and came out on the other side.

    I still have no idea what the cause of my turning right was, but I can still recall the effect. It was really cool !!!
    I’ve never viewed anything as I see it the same ever since.

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