The Brutally Honest Truth About Prosperity, Abundance And Money – Part 4

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This episode of Brutally Honest Tuesdays …

The 4th video in a multi-part video series on the subject …

Continues to take a brutally honest look at The Truth about money, prosperity, and abundance …

The prosperous definition, the prosperous meaning, and the abundance definition.

In this episode, I take a brutally honest look at how clear you are about what you REALLY want (versus what you think you want).

Is it your time to bust myths …

And exchange lies, illusions and stories for a direct Experience of Truth in these critical aspects of your life?

Find out for yourself as our journey continues!

Below you’ll find a video, audio and transcript of the content so you can experience it as you prefer.

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And if you have comments of any kind, please share them below so I know how this post is rippling through your consciousness.

Welcome and enjoy!



Here’s the audio file:


Right-click on the image below to download the transcript:


Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, I welcome your comments below.



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  • Catherine

    Hello Robert,

    When I read “Busting Loose from the Money Game”, something opened up in me and I experienced deep inner joy. It did not last very long but I recognized this moment as a moment of eternity. This is where I want to be. The problem is that I also know that “I” can’t make it happen through will power. If “I” could make things happen through will power then everyone else could too and we would all be living happy and in peace! In truth, this is not what is happening on Earth at this moment. I don’t know what the solution is. I could continue to run after all the people out there who say they know how to reach that space of inner peace and joy but I just don’t trust it.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      I hear you. My bias is:

      1. It is happening on Earth for many people, a small # percentage-wise, but a large number by itself

      2. The repetitive use of the Phase 2 Tools leads to this experience (or can, depending on one’s mission and purpose – it did for me and 1000s of others worldwide). To my bias, that is “the solution.” Another option, of course, is The Ultimate Freedom Experience I offer (live or online).

      Your distrust is understandable and is cloud-cover based. It can be drilled through!


  • Paula

    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for publishing this video series. As I listened to this last one, after reading much of your material over the past few years, I realized that my life is essentially more satisfying and peaceful and abundant than I ever dreamed possible. This is after decades of simplifying and learning to focus within. The last remaining piece, which seems a big one, has to do with my longing to connect with “who’s driving the bus”. Not in the sense of religion…..but in the sense of experience and knowing. Maybe I’m missing something, but in your publications thus far, I think you have said that this may not be known at this level of existence. So, yes, I can enjoy my simple life amidst the beauty of friends and pets and gardening and travel and moment-to-moment awareness of my gratitude for it all. Yet….I do long for that connection. I think I speak for most when I write that, at the end of each life, what is most important is that connection….that knowing.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      To my bias, The Truth is not that you “connect” with who’s driving the bus, but that you can actually Experience BEING who’s driving the bus as it relates to your story. This is one one of the many “benefits” that come naturally with The Ultimate Freedom Experience, and comes in a surprising and unique way.

  • acdel

    Excellent video! Somehow I get the feeling with all the years of your teachings, the points that you been trying to make to so many, is coming to fruition. So many have been held to believe that money solves everything but as most of us know, it is not all about monetary goals but the life one wishes to create!

  • Lou

    I found a long time ago that chasing money does not ever bring happiness. But the trick is really how to figure out what I really want?

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Yes, that’s the trick. My bias is that The Ultimate Freedom Experience I offer reveals that at many levels – partially during the experience and partially afterwards as it ripples out through your life. I’m in the process of creating a new video series that will address that. I’ll post the URL here when it’s ready so you can watch. 🙂

  • Danielle

    Thank you, Robert. I enjoy getting your Brutally Honest Videos, as they remind me of the new journey I am now on, enjoying it more and more. Your stories, metaphors and ways of explaining the Truth truly float my boat and put things into perspective.

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