The Power And Trap Of Words

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Every day, all day, you use words.

Speaking face to face with others, in emails, texts, audio, video, social media, etc.

We couldn’t function without words. There’s a power to words.

But there’s also a trap in them.

A quicksand pit.

Something important we miss each time we use our chosen words.

Something that causes problems, stresses, and challenges.

In this audio post, I discuss the power of words, the trap of words, and invite you to take one simple step that can help you escape the trap and open a gateway into a radically different way of life, living and being.

Find out for yourself by clicking play below:


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  • Kaylee Han

    I was saying to myself “my upper jaw really hurts”,and then I closed my eyes and tried to find out what happened in the inner sapce but couldn’t find clear things. I was very anxcious inside and very uncomfortable, but I just don’t know what should I look for. Can you give some more example of yours or someone elses? I really need some guide on this. Thank you so much.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      For now, keep looking. Keep doing the exercise. It’s very important you “see” what’s appearing uniquely for you. That’s where power and freedom come from. As I mentioned, most people aren’t used to doing what I invited you to do, and it can take a while for clarity to appear. Like any other skill, it can take time to build. Be patient! 🙂

  • Shawn Perry

    Hi Robert
    This post was right on time!

    I have done your online Ultimate Freedom last November.

    It’s funny characters in Inner Space have been saying I’m tired lately. Or are just complaining lol.
    Yet when I did observed in Inner space. What you suggested to do in your post.

    I noticed after the characters saying I’m tired. Its hard describe without labeling. Yet I notice pleasureable movements of energy so far.

    I will keep doing this and if I notice anymore things. I will post them here.
    Thank you Again!

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Yes, yes. Sauce, Shawn! (“sauce” is short for “super awesome”). It’s actually more than just “seeing” or “watching” or “observing,” as you know, but keep at it. There’s where the magic starts and then ripples out 🙂

  • Adrianna

    Hi Robert,

    This is a very timely post/recording. Recently I was watching your Deeper Level video series, and the video where you ask all those questions and really push on this grabbed my attention. It’s video 2 I believe. Anyways I have found myself looking into Inner Space more often now, feeling and connecting with the thoughts, feelings and sensations I am finding there. What I am noticing happening for myself as I do this and suspend the words (or separate the words from what I am experiencing), is that my judgements of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations are also being suspended or falling away from what I am Experiencing. However this could also be because I am hearing the commentary “in my head” that what I am experiencing is neither good/bad, right/wrong, positive/negative, etc. It feels like the dialogue “in my head” is lessening as I focus more and more on what I am actually finding and “feeling” or experiencing in Inner Space. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your your recording. I appreciated it very much.

  • Rickey

    A bill collector contacted my sister about a debt they claim that I owe. I didn’t appreciate how my sister presumed that I was, in fact, guilty and owed the debt. I told myself that I was angry that my sister did not come to my defense. I told myself that I was angry because I believed that a family should stick together and support each other through difficult and challenging times.

    As a result of this movement in inner space that I referred to as anger and upset I started to cry. I called a friend on the phone to tell them about my experience and I became even more emotional. I was walking the entire time this was happening. I stopped and I looked down on the ground and saw a silver pendant with an inscription on it. I started not to pick it up but I did anyway.

    The pendant said, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

    I come home and I see that I have a new email from you titled “Have You Fallen Into This Trap?.”
    I always open your emails and I’ve been following your wisdom since The 11th Element produced by Nightingale-Conant so I’m not new to your teachings.

    I’ve also been through your Forever Free From Negativity Jade program.

    I’m not religious at all so the pendant did cause me to stop and go into inner space. After I listened to your audio I placed what I was calling anger and upset on the shelf. I noticed that my breathing started to become more rapid. I noticed there was a movement of energy inside of me that I had no words for. I noticed that ultimately there was nothing that I was making it all up. I noticed that I was making up the entire story about everything and believing my story.

    There was no bill collector, there was no sister, there was no me.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Cool, Rickey!

      All of this is what I call “Truth Virus Injections” that, combined, over time, along with many others, lead to what I call “the Awakening Of Ultimate Freedom.” Keep up the great “work”!

  • Shoshana

    “I” had an aha moment when you gave the example of not really feeling confused, but rather just hearing a voice that said, “I’m confused.” Very helpful!

  • Robert Scheinfeld

    Cool, Shoshana …

  • Diane

    My experiences are more about feeling things than labelling them, if I am angry it just erupts out of me in swearing or throwing something etc and painful things are in my body making me groan or limp or curse when I keep bumping them, confusion is when I cannot decide what to do in a situation so is it possible for me to put the feelings on the shelf or do I need to try and name them and then put the words on the shelf?

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      The opportunity offered through this post is to what I call “get into a Truthful Relationship” with what’s actually happening. Not trying to change what’s happening, just be in a Truthful Relationship with it.

      I discovered, quite to my surprise, that when that happens, and it locks in as a consistent experience, everything begins to shift automatically, in amazing, extraordinary, and permanent ways.

      For now, you are invited to do what I shared in this post. If you want more, if you want to go deeper, if you want coaching and support from me, you are invited to participate in The Ultimate Freedom Experience.


  • Madeline

    After listening and putting words on a shelf what I’m experiencing are either fear or joy, then ultimately Joy.

  • Kemila Zsange

    Thanks Robert. Words are hypnotic. We hypnotize ourselves into the second level of experience, when we label an experience, rather than the first, raw level of it – what you call “what’s moving in the inner space”. The inner space movement is never really threatening, but the labelling can be. That’s what I’ve found enables me to do my work as a hypnotherapist. I mostly de-hypnotize people.

    Your tools are easy and make very good sense, when we of course really do it. Thanks again.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Sauce, Kemila!

      (“sauce” is shorthand with me, my kids and a few others for “super awesome”!)


  • Erika L Soul

    I had an experience of reading the pdf of this Power and Trap of Words and I was finding it way too wordy and wanting to get to what you were saying and so I found that I didn’t like so many words and pages on this but wanted it to be clearer and more understandable. I can get the idea of this and what you suggest to do but I would like to have read stories of people discovering what was underneath the words they were using so felt there wasn’t one that really let me see what the possibilities are. Yes I get its something to do and experience but less words and more relating is better for me. I am infinitely capable of getting to what is behind appearances and words, thankyou Erika.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Hello Erika … Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the share, and you, very much. I hear you. I have learned it’s not possible to communicate in a way that’s optimal for everyone. People are just too different. Plus, the transcripts are not formatted as carefully as a book or other written documents might be.

      So, all I can do is “be me,” share what I share, how I share it, and where it goes, it goes.

      My intent is to help.

      Perhaps you could try listening to the audio?


  • Edwin

    Feelings of anxiety esteem became perceived as an immense ‘overwhelming’ energy that’s surging through my body. Working through ‘overwhelming’ at the moment, and it just keeps going deeper. Also noticing an intense ringing in my ears. Haha, it’s so entertaining to just look behind the words and find what’s on the other side. 🙂

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