What Is My Purpose And How Do I Align With And Fulfill It?

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In previous posts, I talked a lot about the fact that life purpose and mission is a major limiting force on what you can and will experience in your daily life.

That share prompted many questions like:

1. How do I get clear on what my mission and purpose is?

2. How do I make sure I stay aligned with my mission and purpose and don’t get off course?

3. How can I make sure I fulfill my life purpose and mission?

In this post, I take a brutally honest look at these questions and the answers to them.

Find out for yourself!

Below you’ll find a video, audio, and transcript of the content so you can experience it as you prefer.

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Welcome and enjoy!

Here’s the audio file:


Right-click on the image below to download the transcript:


Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, I welcome your comments below.




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  • Victoria

    Hi Robert, as always, your messages are very timely for me…hummmm…I wonder why? 🙂 I have actually spent the last couple of months really trying to find out what my purpose is. However, while still not knowing, what I do know is that when I do certain things, they bring about an inner joy to me, like helping someone or making someone’s day. Even though I could not tell you exactly what my purpose is, I do believe that it is to be of help to others. Thank you for spelling it out! Now, I can relax and enjoy what comes my way…whew! 🙂

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