Can you succeed in life without setting goals and intentions?

Most self-help systems say you cannot succeed without first getting clear on what you want …

And then setting goals and intentions to create, manifest or attract what you got clear on.

This week, I take a brutally honest look at that belief system.

Is it True?

Does the world really work that way?

Discover The Truth through this post on my blog:

Tell Me The Truth About Goal Setting

You'll be surprised by what you’ll discover. 



Truthful Quote Of The Week

"What feels better, having a big bank account, or Knowing, with absolute certainty, that whatever you REALLY want, whatever REALLY needs to get funded to align with your True mission and purpose, will always get funded, at the best time and in the best way, for you to lead a Truly rich and fulfilling life?"

– Robert Scheinfeld


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