I Can Help You Go Deeper Into Truth, Unblock Yourself, And Experience Ultimate Freedom

Let Me Show You How!

I Can Help You Go Deeper Into Truth, Unblock Yourself, And Experience Ultimate Freedom

Let Me Show You How!
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“The most powerful resource I have ever come across.”

— D.J. Fierce

3 Steps To Freedom


Learn how to permanently remove what has secretly been blocking you.


Discover how and why what happens to you every day REALLY gets created.


Take the journey that leads to an Unblocked Life and Ultimate Freedom.

Discover how the Ultimate Freedom
Experience has transformed the lives of
thousands of people worldwide

What Makes The Ultimate Freedom Experience
So Different?

You’re still feeling blocked, still feeling frustrated, still confused about why you’re not getting what you want, and you’re still not living a life that’s as fun, joyful, abundant, and fulfilling as you hunger for.

The reason is, the answers and techniques you’ve been given simply haven’t gone deep enough to unblock you and open a doorway to what you want most.

There’s a hidden story you’ve never been told. There’s a Deeper Level to “The Game Of Life” you can Experience.

The Ultimate Freedom Experience reveals The Hidden Story to you and takes you to The Deeper Level. When that happens, an extraordinary shift takes place within you, your blocks dissolve, and the Experience of Ultimate Freedom Awakens.

The Ultimate Freedom Experience will transform you and your life deeply, profoundly and permanently, just by you going through it. No tools, techniques, repetitive practices, or to-do lists needed.

You can begin your journey into Living The Unblocked Life and Experiencing Ultimate Freedom today!


Hi, I’m Robert Scheinfeld. I understand how difficult and painful it is to live a blocked life. That was my experience for most of my life. Then I made a discovery no one else was talking about, a discovery that changed everything.

I know there are things you want in your life. You’ve tried technique after technique, hoping for a breakthrough, but you’re still stuck.

The problem is, something is blocking you, but you don’t know what it is, so you keep hitting dead ends, and feeling more and more frustrated, angry, and hopeless.

As a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and coach, I’ve had the opportunity to help tens of thousands of people from all over the world uncover and remove what secretly blocks them most.

You can stop being blocked and getting caught in dead-end cycles. You can begin living a life at the deepest levels of freedom, abundance, fulfillment, and TRUE happiness instead.