Multimedia LIVE Experiences

I’m available to present live multimedia experiences on the following topics.

Let’s be clear.

These are not simply “talks” or “workshops” or “seminars.”

They’re very unusual multimedia experiences that are entertaining, fun, and that facilitate extraordinary levels of transformation at deep, profound, and permanent levels.

Unique content presented in unique, magical and life-changing ways.

Odds are, you’ve never had a multimedia EXPERIENCE like these!

The Ultimate Freedom Experience
Ideal length in English: 5 days. Please contact the office to discuss options for presenting in other languages.

Forever Free From Negativity Experience
Ideal length: 1 or 2 days

Busting Loose From The Money Game Experience
Ideal length: 2 days for supplementing the content from the book; 4 days for full immersion

“The Process” Workshop
Ideal length: 1 day. This workshop is designed to offer advanced level training on what was shared in the Busting Loose Books about using the Transformational tool called “The Process.”

I’m also available for shorter talks and Keynote speeches on the same or similar topics.

Please contact the office using the form below to begin a dialogue about your wants and needs.