If you're like I used to be …

You've used twenty zillion techniques, and invested tons of time, money and energy in books, audios, videos, workshops, seminars, and coaching trying to change, fix and improve your life, and get it right where you want it.

And, if you're like I used to be …

You haven't achieved your goal(s) – at all, or you haven't been able to hold onto the successes you have created.

Doesn't that piss you off?

Aren't you tired of hitting so many dead ends?

Haven't you had enough of getting excited about techniques and systems, using them exactly as instructed, only to find out they don't work as promised?

I was seriously pissed off and definitely had "more than enough" before I had my BIG Breakthroughs.

In a new audio I just recorded for you, I explain the Real And True Reasons why so many of the techniques and systems you tried failed …

And what's REALLY required if you want to finally succeed, and live the life you really want (versus the life you only think you want).

You can listen on my blog here


The Ultimate Freedom Blueprint Webinar Training

Through this new video webinar training, discover the 7 steps you must take if you want to EXPERIENCE True Transformation and live the life you REALLY want (versus the life you only think you want to live). I will be available to answer any questions you may have as you go through the training.

Details And Registration


Are You Interested In Lucid Dreaming?  

Are you attracted to lucid dreaming – the ability to "awaken" in your dreams and have some control over what you experience in them? If so, you will be interested in the new manual created my my friend Marc VanDeKeere that goes deeply into a study of Lucid Dreaming. Marc spent years studying all the literature out there, trying various methods and techniques, and experimenting with his own. The manual summarizes all of it, and offers his own unique approach. In addition to the manual, he also offers special audio CDs and software designed to help maximize the results you get. You can check it all out here:


Lucid Dreaming Details


Truthful Quote Of The Week

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

– Arthur Shopenhauer

To experience the 3rd stage, accepting it as self-evident, check out this video series.


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Until we connect again, as always, I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!

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