Last week, I shared a very important new audio called, “The Power And Impact Of Your Secret Desires.” If you didn’t hear it, here’s the link again:

Secret Desires

This issue, I want to go more deeply into the discussion I started in that audio by sharing how you can actually start experiencing your secret desires, once you know what they are. You can access Part 2 in the audio series here:

How To Experience Your Secret Desires

(Be sure to listen to Part 1 before moving on to Part 2)

Truthful Quote Of The Week

“Kira knew that contrary to popular belief, humans were happiest, not during lengthy periods of leisure, but when they were growing as people. When they were achieving. When they were striving to overcome difficult and worthwhile challenges, and then overcoming them. When they were feeling a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem through effort. Even the accomplishments of menial labor brought a sense of personal satisfaction far greater than most realized.”

– Douglas E. Richards, from his novel, “Amped”

If you want to go more deeply into what Douglas is pointing to in that quote, and The Hidden Story behind it, download the new Special Report I just created for you.

Upcoming Live Events

Unusual for me, there are several live events and experiences coming up in the enxt few months. Check out the details here.

Forever Free From Negativity

Do you struggle with “negativity,” whether you call it anger, frustration, anxiety, fear, depression or something else? Are you tired of fighting a battle with your emotions you never win? I sure was. I could barely stand the storms of negativity that used to rage within me, and I felt powerless when they appeared. Until I had a major breakthrough that changed everything. Click here to register for a FR^E video Masterclass I created to show you how to become forever free from negativity. Maybe it sounds impossible, but it’s very real, and I can show you how.

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