In this issue of The Friday Awakening Newsletter, I want to address a question that has come up a lot lately, especially after several of the Brutally Honest Tuesdays videos I posted on my blog and YouTube channel recently:

“How can I become consciously aware of my mission and purpose and make sure I’m aligned with it.”

Here’s the answer, short and sweet.

You do not need to consciously know what your mission and purpose is to live your life.

Who you really are, what I now call “True Creative Essence,” knows all the details, is in charge of making them all happen, and that’s enough.

If it’s important to your unique story for you to know some of the details consciously, you will. If its not important, you won’t. It’s not “better” one way or the other. 

Your mission and purpose is not one simple thing. It’s quite complex and multi-layered.

Your mission and purpose is being perfectly fulfilled at every moment, no matter how it may seem to you.

It is NOT possible for you to get off track, not be aligned with your mission and purpose, or fail to fulfill it.

In short, “you” can’t screw it up!

To hear more about this topic, click on the video image below:

Inspiring Quote Of The Week

“Every single thought is just marching in a parade of thoughts, and you’re watching them. There is no other relationship with your thoughts. They are like clouds in the sky. Your thoughts take form and keep floating by.”
– Michael Singer

Going More Deeply Into The Teachings

If you want to actually have a consistent Experience of who you really are, Phase 3, Ultimate Freedom, and The Truth, no matter what’s happening in your life, you’re cordially invited to join me in having The Ultimate Freedom Experience.

Until we next connect, as always, I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!


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