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Join Me Live In The United States

Ultimate Freedom 3.0 LIVE Experience

February 7-11, 2020 (5 days)

My primary focus for many years has been on offering The Ultimate Freedom Experience (UFE), live, and as an Online Experience. Every time I offer the UFE, I change it a little, and over time, those changes add up, so I re-record live events from time to time to keep the Online Experience fresh and as impactful as possible.

I’m therefore doing a very special live Ultimate Freedom Experience that will be professionally recorded to create what I’m calling “Ultimate Freedom 3.0.” While this event will be larger than the events I’ve been offering at my home, seating is still very limited, so we can all bond and have as “intimate” an experience as possible.

Because the purpose of the event is to create a new Online Experience and the audience will be slightly larger than normal, the tuition is significantly discounted.

If you already know what the UFE is all about, you can get the details by clicking the “Event Details And Enroll” button below, and grab one of the few available seats if you feel so moved. If you don’t know what the UFE is all about, please click the “About Ultimate Freedom” button below and go through my FREE Masterclass to get up to speed first

Join Me Live In China

The Ultimate Freedom Experience – NEW!

The Ultimate Freedom Experience is being offered LIVE in China on a regular basis as a 6-day Experience with follow-up coaching and support. Other events are also being offered in China in various cities. Contact John Zhang in China for details.