For Chinese Visitors

Welcome To My Friends From China

I am very sorry you are having problems watching the videos on my website.

To be able to access all the information I have to share with you, there are 2 options.

The first option is the best choice for getting my videos now and in the future, if you can do it:

  1. Get what is called VPN software for your phone or computer. The one I use when I am in China is although there are many other VPN software tools you can find if you research it.
  2. Use the links below to watch or download the videos from the main page of my website and the Unblocked Life Masterclass:

Main Page Video 1

Main Page Video 2

Unblocked Life Video 1

Unblocked Life Video 2

Unblocked Life Video 3

Unblocked Life Video 4

If we can help you in other ways, please contact us!