Frequently Asked Questions
About The Teachings


How are these Teachings different from other teachings?

Wow. That’s a HUGE question. Look at it like this. Most teachings offer you techniques, practices, and strategies designed to help you produce specific results – to help you change, fix or improve your life.

However, the vast majority of those techniques, practices, and strategies fail to produce the desired results reliably. Don’t take my word for that. You probably know it from your own personal experience.

The reason is that there’s something blocking you from experiencing what you REALLY want. It’s like a very solid wall or force field. Until you remove that block, that wall, that force field, the techniques and your time, energy, money and effort will continue to fail to give you what you REALLY want.

The Teachings show you what the block, wall and force field is, and supports you in dissolving it … over time.

How is that done? By showing you The Truth of things and empowering you to live and breathe that Truth – instead of being limited and restricted by what I call lies, illusions and stories.

If you’re a fan of the Matrix movies, you could think of yourself as Neo, you could think of me as Morpheus, and The Teachings as The Red Pill Neo took to ultimately become “The One.”

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How did these Teachings originate?

The Teachings were forged out of intense personal experience over decades of time. My style has always been “Been there, done that, experience it to a deep degree personally, then pop up and offer a debrief to others in the form of a book, course or event.”

The Teachings came from I’ve seen and experienced on a unique and extraordinary journey into The Truth. Because I kept Seeing and Experiencing more and more of The Truth as the years passed, The Teachings have evolved and expanded over time.


How many people are practicing this teaching globally?

Tens of thousands of people have participated in live events and online multimedia Experiences, and as best as I can tell, hundreds of thousands have read the books.


Your website shows a variety of books and courses. How do I know what’s best for me?

There’s no simple answer to this question. It depends on your unique journey, what’s most important to you right now, and your budget, of course.

Please contact the office with your specific questions after studying some of the multimedia materials on the site.

Or, if you’d like to tell me about what’s most important to you right now through a multimedia interaction with me on this website (using a way cool video technology), click on the link below:

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What benefits will I receive from participating in The Teachings?

The Teachings are unique and different from most systems out there. In order to embrace them, I had to be brutally honest with myself about what’s True, what’s not, and what I was seeing and experiencing. As a result, I’m brutally honest in the way I discuss them.

What I’m about to say may bother you and  many other people. Some will think I’m dodging the issue because I have no success stories to share. The Truth is that I have files overflowing with “success stories,” but I don’t share them.

Why? Because when following the path I invite you to traverse, which is a very unique path, what happened for someone else is irrelevant to what will happen to you. All journeys are custom designed for all of us as unique individuals and it’s impossible to predict or guarantee what will happen.

To my bias, anyone who promises or guarantees specific results from any spiritual or Truth-based Teaching is misguided or lying to you, truth be told. The only promise or guarantee I can give you is that if you follow The Teachings, navigate this path, and knock out huge chunks of the cloud cover (metaphor for everything that’s currently limiting you), your life will transform in radical and extraordinary ways and you’ll be “thrilled” with what unfolds.


Who is the best student for The Teachings?

From what I’ve seen, in order to embrace The Teachings and receive tangible benefit from them, the “best student” will be someone who:

  1. Is flexible and can approach new things with an open mind
  2. Has a HUGE hunger to discover, live, breathe and experience The Truth
  3. Has the commitment and drive to stick with it until The Big Breakthroughs arise
  4. Is able to be patient since this is not an “overnight success” path
  5. Realizes that ideas and concepts ultimately mean very little and EXPERIENCE is all that matters

The Teachings are not for everyone, but if they’re for you, you’ll know it.

You’ll feel it.

You’ll feel a magnetic pull to embrace them.


What do you mean by “The Truth”?

This is a big question with a big and long answer. As a brief summary, to me, Truth is about:

  • What goes on behind the scenes in the invisible world
  • The vital principle or animating force within you
  • Non-physical Consciousness
  • The human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things
  • The nonphysical part of you
  • Your True Self

Truth Also Includes The Answers To These Questions

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How do things really work while I’m here?
  • How is my daily experience ACTUALLY created?
  • Why do things happen to me the way they do?


Do The Teachings talk about the subconscious mind?

It depends on how you define “subconscious mind.”

As I define the term, the subconscious mind is not important to The Teachings.

As I define the term, when you embrace The Teachings, you’re empowered to go beyond the “story” of the subconscious mind and it’s supposed impact on your life. It may surprise you to hear me say that, but it’s The Truth nevertheless.


Do you have a list of books that have influenced you the most in constructing your model?


The Teachings were forged out of intense personal experience over decades of time. They are unique. My style has always been “been there, done that, experience it to a deep degree personally, then pop up and offer a debrief.”

The Teachings come from I saw and experienced on a unique journey. While I read many books along the way, none of them exerted a strong influence.


You talk about Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 in The Human Experience. What do you mean?

This is all very important and I prefer to give you a complete answer versus a soundbyte abbreviation.

To get this question answered, and others that relate to it, please visit this page on my website:

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What other web sites, teachers, mentors, list of books and movies would you share or recommend to assist & support beginners in their learning of the Teachings?

There’s a tendency with many personal and spiritual development enthusiasts to collect ideas, concepts and techniques. “The more the merrier,” is the thought.

There’s often an attempt to cobble together multiple approaches, techniques, again, thinking it will lead to better results. But it rarely does. It generally leads to dead ends. Especially with The Teachings offered here.

The Teachings here stand on their own and do not require any supplementation. That’s not to say something else, if integrated properly, couldn’t be supportive. Anything can be supportive. It’s just
that nothing else is needed or recommended.


Can I continue with other techniques, processes and systems if I embrace The Teachings?

Yes, of course. And it’s very tempting for many people.

There are no shoulds, should nots, musts or must nots in The Teachings. Anything can be supportive when used in the proper context and way.

However, I must share that for me, and the vast majority of other people worldwide who’ve fully embraced The Teachings, they mark what I call “the end of seeking.”

What do I mean by that? I mean that the seeking for more knowledge and the next magic bullet technique to change, fix, or improve your life ends, and one rests in a Direct Knowing and Direct Experience of Truth. That’s what I experienced myself and what I’m told by others.


Do The Teachings share “The Truth of the Universe,” not just another concept of self-development?

As I see it, that’s exactly what they share. Yes.


You talk about “True Joy” and “True Happiness.” What are they?

They are descriptions of a a radically different way in which you experience emotions. It is a description of being able to fully experience all emotions, but without names, descriptions, or judgments as positive-negative, feel-good-feel-bad, etc.

This is what I call “True Joy” or “True Happiness.”

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 Is there really a system to all this, or are we ultimately forced to find our own way, on our own?

There is a system to everything I share.

However, I look at the system more as offering “guidelines” versus “rules and formulas” since all of our journeys through life and into The Truth are unique and custom designed for us as unique Beings here to experience aspects of The Human Story in unique ways.


How can I apply The Teachings to everyday life to leave past hurts, disappointments, pain and struggle behind, to lead a life that run more smoothly, in peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity and joy?

We experience hurts, disappointments, pain and struggle because we’ve accepted a variety of what I call “lies, illusions and stories” as being true when they’re not.

We don’t appear to live lives filled with smoothness, peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity and joy for the same reason, and also because there’s something blocking us from such experiences – something like a wall or force field.

When you dissolve the lies, illusions and stories – and remove the block, wall and force field, The Truth shines in brightly, and with it comes the experience you seek.


If you’re so abundant, The Teachings are so powerful, and they offer a path into Truth, why do you charge for your courses? Why not give them away?

I get this question from time to time, usually with anger or an emotional charge associated with it.

Look at it this way.

Bill Gates is one of the world’s richest men and largest stockholder in Microsoft, the software company he founded. Because he’s the richest man in the world, would you expect him to give away all Microsoft products for free?

No, you wouldn’t.

Why? For 3 primary reasons:

  1. Microsoft was designed to be run as a business — with income, expenses, and the ability to make a profit
  2. There’s a fair exchange of value when someone chooses to buy a Microsoft product — money is exchanged for software that helps people be more productive
  3. People feel  they receive “much more than their money’s worth” for the benefits they receive from using the software

I’m not one of the world’s richest men. Not even in the ballpark!

But, like Bill Gates and Microsoft …

  1. I’ve chosen to run my companies as businesses
  2. There’s a fair exchange of tremendous value whenever someone chooses to invest in one of my products or services
  3. People feel they receive “much more than their money’s worth” for the benefits they receive when they embrace The Teachings

Most times, when people ask this question, it’s coming from lies, illusions and stories appearing True — and the question is generally fueled by a life filled with lack and financial struggle.