You’ve had a unique journey through The Human Experience.

You have unique desires …

You’ve had unique challenges …

You’ve learned a lot …

Have you ever wondered how your journey compares to the journeys of other people?

I wondered.

And I’m curious to see how the journeys of others, right now, compare to each other, and to my journey.

As a result …

For your benefit and mine …

I created a special survey to see what’s going on.

I promise you, it’ll only take you a minute or two to complete it …

And then I’ll do 2 things for you:

1. Share the final results of the survey with you, once they’ve been fully tabulated

2. Give you some precise insight and guidance, based on your unique answers

To participate, which, again, will only take a minute or two of your time, click on the link below:

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BTW: Please share the survey link with people you know and care about, by forwarding this email or sharing on social media. The more data we get, the more interesting it’ll be!


Truthful Quote Of The Week

She paused. “Did you ever see the play, Wicked?”

Hall nodded. “Yes. My parents took me to see it on Broadway when I was a teenager.”

“Me too!” said Megan excitedly. “What a great show. The musical numbers were incredible.”

“The reason I bring it up is that seeing it really changed the way I look at things. Things often aren’t black and white. Or are black when viewed from one angle, and totally white from another. The genius of the play is that it takes a classic story we all grew up with, The Wizard Of Oz, and instead of telling it from Dorothy’s perspective, retells it from Elphaba’s perspective – the Wicked Witch of the West. And everything changes. 

Not that it’s always the case, but this demonstrates one case in which there are hidden motivations, things that we weren’t aware of that change everything. Elphaba wasn’t wicked at all. She was painted this way by the real villains. She never really planned to hurt Dorothy – she just needed to make it look that way. People and situations can be multi-faceted, and a lot can depend on which facet you happen to be looking at.”

– Douglas Richards, from his novel, Mind’s Eye

Douglas Richards writes awesome thrillers that use a lot of technology in them. I love them. You can check them out here. I began with Game Changer (which explores the downloaded learning idea shown in The Matrix movies) and then moved on to the Nick Hall series. I’ll eventually read all of his books.


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