This issue, I’m shifting gears.

I’m going back to Q&A, answering one of the “Burning Questions” that came in recently from a subscriber.

I’m also shifting from video to audio.

In this audio Friday Q&A, I address a gigantic elephant in the room most of us pretend isn’t there …

An elephant you must see …

Then get out of the room …

Or you’ll never be able to live the life you REALLY want.

You can access the audio (and a written transcript) and find out about the gigantic elephant by clicking on the button below:


“Forever Free From Negativity”

In case you didn’t hear about it, I want you to know I just released a new Transformational Experience called “Forever Free From Negativity.” The title says it all!

To celebrate the launch of it, for the first time ever, I’m offering early bird enrollments at a substantial “discount” to people like you who’ve shown an interest in The Teachings I share. Details are here:

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“The Layers Of Action”

I just released a brand new fr^e video training about Ultimate Freedom I’m super excited about. I call it “The Layers Of Action.” To my bias, it shines the Light Of Truth and the unique puzzle pieces I have to share about Phase 3 living and Experiencing Ultimate Freedom, more brightly and clearly than anything I’ve ever created before.

It’s a 4-part video series that educates, inspires, and aggressively exposes lies, illusions and stories, so be prepared for that. If you register, be sure to go through the entire series as the content of each video builds on the previous one, like a thriller novel or movie.

The series ends with an invitation to participate in The Ultimate Freedom Experience (which is the greatest gift I have to give right now), but whether you accept the invitation or not, I’m confident you’ll receive huge value from the series. You can get immediate access here:

Join Me LIVE April 29-May 3

I hold a LIVE Ultimate Freedom Experience at my home several times a year. The one in January was going to be the last one for a while, but a HUGE snowstorm disrupted it, so I’m offering another one April 29-May 3, 2016 as a makeup, and then there won’t be another one for a while.

Details are at the link below if you want to join me, and a small group of other people form around the world, at this mind-blowing (literally) event that I’m consistently told is one of the most extraordinary Experiences participants have ever had in their entire lives:

(link removed since event is over)


Truthful Quote Of The Week

“It is indeed most important to listen not only to the teacher but also to everything which surges up from within the depths of one’s inner self. Through such an attitude we are spontaneously led, without conflict, to a state where we are receptive to essential knowledge. Then arise those true questions which are the props and the starting points of the search.

This search proceeds by the reduction and the elimination of questions. These become more and more inadequate until the moment when the disciple sees that perfect understanding can only be reached by the absence of questions, by silence. This silence has in itself a taste of peace and bliss. It is not emptiness, it is not ignorance, it is fullness and complete knowledge.”

– Jean Klein

Until we connect again, as always, I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!

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