It has been a while since I sent out the last Friday Awakening.

Well, here I am and here we go again …

In the 4th video in the series, I share the next crucial puzzle pieces you need to awaken, live and breathe True Prosperity and Abundance in your life.

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Makeover Event At My Home Due To HUGE Snowstorm

As you know, I hold a LIVE Ultimate Freedom Experience at my home several times a year. The one last month was going to be the last one for a while, but a HUGE snowstorm disrupted it, so I’m offering another one April 29-May 3, 2016 as a makeup.

Details are here if you want to join me, and a small group of other people form around the world, at this mind-blowing (literally) event that I’m consistently told is one of the most extraordinary Experiences participants have ever had in their entire lives. Details are here:

(Link removed since the event is over)


“Forever Free From Negativity”

I’m pleased to announce my first NEW Transformational Experience in many years.

It’s called Forever Free From Negativity.

To celebrate the launch of this ground-breaking new Experience, for the first time I’ve ever done it, I’m offering early bird enrollments at a substantial “discount” to people like you who’ve shown an interest in The Teachings I share. Details are here:

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Truthful Quote Of The Week

“Judge yourself not by the outcome, but by your process.”

– Richard Dennis, multimillionaire stock and commodities trader


Until we connect again next Friday, as always, I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!

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