In this issue, I want to share a major revelation I had with you.

For as long as I've been writing, speaking and teaching …

I've tried to precisely define, and then describe, in just a few words, the essence of where The Big Breakthroughs in life REALLY come from …

Including Spiritual Breakthroughs, like what "Truth" and "Spirituality" really mean, and how we can Experience The Real Thing.

Flowing out of that, I've been trying to find the perfect way to describe, in just a few words, exactly what happened to me on my journey into Truth and Ultimate Freedom …

And therefore, what can happen for you, if you take the journey too.

Well, I recently had a revelation about all of that I'm calling …

A Deeper Level To The Game

My hope is my revelation will not only be interesting to you, but be very supportive to your journey, no matter what your current situation is, no matter what you're focused on right now.

Find out for yourself. You can hear about the revelation here:



Truthful Quote Of The Week

"My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened."

– Michel De Montaigne

If you want to know more about what Michel speaks of, and how such "misfortunes in the mind" can end for you, fully, completely and permanently, register for this new video training I just created.


The Ultimate Freedom Deep Immersion Experience – NEW!

Created in response to popular demand, this brand new Experience begins with a 5-day LIVE event at my home and continues afterwards with a 4-month or 12-month follow-up, coaching, support, and inspiration program. The Experience is limited to 12 people maximum.

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Renegade Speaking And Teaching Secrets

For more than 30 years, starting by working with Tony Robbins for 4 years, I’ve been having a blast, making a lucrative living, having impact, and touching lives all over the world through a renegade approach to speaking, teaching, training and marketing.

Now, for the first time, through a revolutionary online experience (with optional live components), I’m going to reveal ALL my renegade secrets and systems with a select group of speakers and teachers, and people who want to become speakers and teachers.

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