This week I have a big announcement and a quick share for you.

Brutally Honest Tuesdays Show

As I mentioned in the last few newsletters, I’m planning to offer video shares and LIVE trainings going forward using Facebook Live.

One thing I’m planning to start doing soon is a regular weekly video show called “Brutally Honest Tuesdays.”

While everyone is welcome, and everyone can benefit, the Brutally Honest Tuesdays show is primarily designed for people who have not participated in The Ultimate Freedom Experience.

With some exceptions due to travel, vacation, or other commitments, I’m planning to offer the show LIVE every Tuesday at 10am Eastern time in the USA.

I’m sure the length of each episode will vary, but my intention is for each episode to be short, sweet, provocative, and, of course, filled with brutal honesty.

Recordings will be available automatically after the show ends on my Ultimate Freedom Facebook Page.

You can plan to tune in live every Tuesday at 10am on your own, or later, at your convenience, to watch the recording.

I’ll also send out email and text message reminders before each episode.

The show will be available on my Ultimate Freedom Facebook Page here:

BTW: Please forgive me for any technical issues or glitches that occur on the first few shows as I get used to how it all works.

Have you ever watched the TV show called “America’s Got Talent”?

It’s in its 11th season, but for some reason, I never watched it until my son, Aidan, got me into it last month.


It is an amazing experience to watch that show!

The talent …

The creativity …

The emotions …

The drama …

The stories about the participants …

How it touches the lives of all involved …

Plus, from the Perspective of The Ultimate Freedom Teachings, it perfectly illustrates what The Human Story is all about, at the deepest and most profound levels.

If you haven’t watched it before, check out the episodes on NBC or, with highlights of many performances available on YouTube.

All I can say is …



Truthful Quote Of The Week

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt


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Until we connect again, as always, I wish you an ever expanding Experience of Truth!

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