“A Glitch In The Matrix”

“We had just crossed the first section of houses, then the pond, then we had just starting crossing through the second bunch of houses when we experienced a MOTHERF–KING TIME WARP back to the footpath that ran adjacent to the start of the first section of houses. I’m not religious but I’m pretty adamant that Jesus f–king Christ himself picked us up like chess pieces and put us there.

We’d been riding side by side but in silence until then, then I said something along the lines of “HOLY S–T DID YOU FEEL THAT” to which he responded yes and explained the exact same feeling as I had before I explained to him. Still weirds me out so hard to this day.”

“I was ice fishing with my friend and we got caught in a snowstorm. We were on Silver lake in West Michigan, if you’ve heard of the dunes there.

Well anyways, to get back, we had to go across the lake. It was a straight line, and I have walked the route plenty of times to know where the truck is. I was to the left of him with the lantern and he was pulling the sled with gear, switching every other minute or so. It’s about a 30 minute walk and visibility is very poor.

Halfway through, suddenly I get really dizzy. Then a burning sensation on my legs. And suddenly I was right where we were fishing before we left with my buddy next to me. The sled was there too. But the freakiest part was that our tracks out were still there, but no sign of us coming back. You could see where we switched too, so it was for sure us. Not that there was anyone else out there. We looked at each other wide eyes and recounted the burning and dizziness.

We sheepishly followed the trail and when we reached the end, our tracks just simply stopped. F–king scary.”

“About 15 years ago I was walking in Union Square in San Francisco with my (then) girlfriend. It was a cold December day and it was very crowded. We were both walking behind a woman and her child. I was looking at her boots, and for some reason I had the feeling that this woman was not of this world. I can’t really explain it. and when I looked up at her, she turned around and glanced at myself and my GF. At that moment I became dizzy and disoriented. My GF said “whoa” at the same time. Others made the same expression around us. My GF remarked that she thought that the woman was not a normal person. It was the strangest experience I’ve had.

I felt as if the woman did something to disorient us to we would no longer pay attention to her. Bizarre.”

“Not so much creepy, but I was talking to a friend a few years ago about her son. She’d just had a really bad morning with him acting up and was really upset.

She was saying that she was a terrible mother and that she didn’t know what to do.

I said ‘of course you’re not a terrible mother. You’ve done a great job with Oscar and you’ll do a brilliant job with the one that’s on the way.’

She stopped dead and looked at me in shock. ‘How did you know that?’ She said ‘I only took the test this morning and I haven’t even told my husband yet.’

I genuinely have no idea why that came out of my mouth or how I knew.”

“This happened to me just recently. My girlfriend’s sandals were in the middle of the floor of the living room and I picked them up, telling her that i was taking them to the shoe rack in the mudroom. On the way back, I stopped for something in the kitchen for maybe 5ish minutes. But when I walked back into the living room, the sandals were sitting side-by-side right in the exact same spot I picked them up from. I was sober as a judge and she remembers everything the exact same as I do.

The kicker was that we have a camera in the living room. Upon watching the footage, I did indeed bend over, pick them up, and walk straight through the kitchen to the mudroom, stopped in the kitchen on the way back and then walked into the living room to immediately look down and see the same shoes I just put away. The spot on the floor was occluded by a table so we couldn’t actually see the sandals on the floor in the footage. We were both seriously freaked out, but right about the time we realized we just witnessed a glitch, we got a phone call and someone knocked on the door so we had no time to keep thinking about it. (edit: at the time we both looked at each other ‘like wtf’ because it seriously seemed like an “adjustment bureau” style distraction from the glitch because we were not expecting anyone yet at the house for another hour, and the phone call was random too.)”