How To Make Non-Duality And Non-Dual Awareness Your Everyday Experience


Do you already know a lot about non duality, non dualism, Advaita and Vedanta?

Read a lot of non duality, non dualism, Advaita and Vedanta books? Listened to a ton of audios? Watched a bunch of videos? Attended satsangs, meetings and Retreats …

But you still don’t EXPERIENCE The Truth the non duality, non dualism, Advaita and Vedanta teachings point to so beautifully?

If so, stick with me here.

The Big Challenge With Non Duality, Non Dualism, Advaita and Vedanta

That’s the big challenge, isn’t it?

How to bridge the huge gap between non duality and non dualism ideas and concepts, the idea and concept of enlightenment and the spiritual awakening  — and a direct experience of The Truth.

non duality, non dualismHow to make non duality, non dualism, Advaita and Vedanta practical.

It’s kind of like the image to your right. It’s like ideas and concepts are on the left bank, and direct experience of non-dualism is on the far right bank, and a huge body of water separates them.

Bear with my language here. If you’re a veteran student of non duality and non dualism, you know words always fail miserably when trying to describe The Truth.

Believe me, I have intimate experience with that HUGE gap between ideas, concepts and Experience — and with the challenge of practicality.

It had me stumped and frustrated for decades.

I’d read, hear, and watch the Teachers.

“I understand it all,” I thought.

“I know it ‘s True with a capital T.”

“But I just can’t seem to live it.”

It still seemed like I was a separate individual, like others were separate, like the world was separate.

Thoughts, feelings and sensations seemed to be “mine.”

It really seemed like “I” had wants, needs, problems, goals and financial issues “I” needed to fix.

Then Something Happened  …

If we compare the Sun to non-dual awareness, and the clouds to everything that blocks us from actually “experiencing” The Natural State, something happened that poked a hole in that dense cloud cover!

I then discovered how to poke more and more holes, and “experience” more and more of The Truth pointed to by the non-duality and non-dualism Teachings and Teachers.

I also discovered that other people could replicate what happened to me.

No guarantees or magic formulas, of course, but when I shared my discoveries, other people experienced getting holes poked too!

As a result, I can help you bridge the gap, leap the gap — and make non-duality, non-dualism, enlightenment and spiritual awakening teachings practical.

I can help you transform ideas and concepts into “Direct Experience.”

Like to know what I discovered and how you can poke your own holes in the cloud cover?

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