The Sun And Clouds Metaphor


In The Teachings, I often refer to the “Sun and Clouds Metaphor.”

In the metaphor, “The Sun” equals The Truth of who you really are, a magnificent “Being” whose natural state is one of infinite power, wisdom, abundance, True Happiness and Ultimate Freedom, just to use those terms to point to something that can’t be described in words.

The Sun also equals the life you REALLY want to live (versus the life you only think you want to live).

In the metaphor, “The Clouds” equals everything that blocks you from Experiencing The Truth, Who You Really Are, and living the life you REALLY want to live.

In The Teachings I share, I offer a path you can follow to knock out the cloud cover, re-discover, and re-Experience Truth, True Happiness, True Abundance and Prosperity, and Ultimate Freedom.

Below are 2 way cool images of the sun and clouds, with The Sun Of Truth shining in — which is the equivalent of True and Total Transformation.