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All Your Life, Without Realizing It,
You’ve Been Playing “The Money Game”
And Losing …

Now, Finally, You Can Win …


Welcome to your Guided Tour of …


The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience


consider myself so blessed to have Experienced it myself, to be Experiencing it right now, and to have the opportunity to share it with you too …


This Guided Tour has four parts to it. The first part – of which this is a small segment – is what I call “A Quick Introduction” just to get your feet wet and kind of lay a foundation for the rest of the tour.


The second section is called “The Rules of the Game” and that’s where we’ll go into an in-depth analysis of what The Money Game is all about, as it has been traditionally structured and the way that you’re used to playing it.


The third section addresses these three key questions:

  1. Why should you listen to me?
  2. Why should you trust me?
  3. Why should you choose me to support you in Busting Loose From The Money Game?

There’s a lot I have to share in response to those questions which I know you’ll have — consciously or unconsciously.

The final section is called “Busting Loose” which goes into what will
actually happen that ultimately busts you loose from The Money Game.

So, having said these few things by way of an introduction, welcome. I’m very pleased to have you here, and excited to be sharing this experience with you!

Without any further delay, let’s begin the actual Guided Tour.

A Key Truth To Always Keep in Mind …

Here’s a key truth to always keep primary on your mind. Making money and building wealth is a game. It’s a very different kind of game, but it’s a game, as you’ll soon see.

If you think about it, most games have rules, regulations, a clear structure, a clear start and stop time, and a clear definition of what winning the game really means.

Take baseball for example. It’s played on what’s called a diamond. There are certain rules and regulations and structure. Home plate is a certain distance from the pitcher’s mound; first base is a certain distance from second base, which is a certain distance from third base, which is a certain distance from home plate …




You can only have so many players on the field at any given moment. They all have to play specific positions, which you can see on the illustration of the diamond in front of you.

You get three outs, you get four balls, you get three strikes. There’s all kinds of other rules and regulations related to playing the game of baseball. If you’re a big fan, you’re aware of them.

Take American Football As Another Example …

It’s played on a field which is one hundred yards long. In order to get
what’s called a first down, you must travel ten yards on that field …




There’s offense and defense. Only a certain number of players can be on the field at any given moment and they must all play specific positions.

If you travel to the opposite end of the field from your side and score what’s called a touchdown, you get six points. If you kick a field goal, you get 3 points. A point after a touchdown is 1 more point if you kick it, 2 points if you get the ball into the end zone another way.

There are a bunch of other rules, regulations in football and penalties if you break any of them.

Finally, Take The Game Of Basketball …

Basketball is played on what’s called a court that looks like this:




Only five players are allowed on the court at any given moment and they must play specific positions. If you score a basket from a certain distance, you get 2 points. If you score a basket from further away you get 3 points. If you make a basket on something called a free throw, you get one1 point.

There are certain circles on the court that you’re only allowed to spend a short time within or you get penalized. There are all kinds of other rules and regulations all the players must adhere to or there are penalties.

Does Any Of It Really Make Sense?

If you look at the rules, regulations and structures of baseball, football and basketball honestly and objectively, they don’t really make much sense, do they?

They seem pretty random and arbitrary and even a little bit nutso if you look at them from a certain perspective.

Most of the players have absolutely no idea who came up with the rules and regulations originally, why they came up with them, or how they’ve changed throughout the years.

They start playing a game that already exists. They’re told what the rules and regulations are, they’re told to follow them and they do — without question, wondering about the history of the game or the reasons for the rules.

That’s the way it works with games.

It’s the same with The Money Game. You started playing a Game that was already in progress.

You were told the rules and you followed them with question, without knowing the real history of the game, where or why the rules came from.

Seem a bit crazy when viewed from this objective perspective?

The same thing is true for any other game you choose to play. There must be rules, regulations and structure that you follow without question. Otherwise playing the game isn’t possible.

Think about chess, Monopoly, solitaire and pool. They all have their own “weird” rules, regulations and structures:


For chess, the pieces must move in certain ways on a special board to remove other pieces from the board and capture a King. For Monopoly, you move around a special board in special ways and follow special rules to acquire real estate, charge and pay rent, etc.

For Solitaire, cards must be displayed and organized in unique ways. For pool, you must use a stick to hit a ball in such a way as to collide with another ball and knock it into a pocket.

On and on it goes.

Part 2: The Rules of the Game …

The Money Game has no clear rules at all, even though we’ve been taught that it does have certain rules which we’ll talk about in a minute.

The Money Game has no clear regulations, either, although, again, we’re led to believe that it does.

The Money Game has no clear structure at all either, although plenty of people would disagree with me and tell me, “Well, there is structure, and here’s what it looks like … “

Interestingly enough, unlike a lot of games, The Money Game has no clear start time or stop time. It starts at different times for different people.

You could also say it actually never ends, or if it ends, it ends when you die but then the game continues for people that survive you. So, for you the game may end when you die, but it never really never ends.

The Money Game has no clear definition of winning. Now, it may surprise you to hear me say that, but it’s the truth.

Have you ever really thought about this? Maybe you never looked at money as being a game, but if it were, how would you define what “winning” means — for you as a unique individual?

Do you have a clear definition?

How Do You “Win”?

I know people who have specific goals for what they’d like their annual income and net worth to be.

I suppose you could say you won The Money Game if you hit targets like those. But that doesn’t work. Just because you hit a target doesn’t mean you’ll stay there. We’ve all seen people make and lose lots of money.

Therefore, simply hitting a target isn’t winning The Money Game.

Plus, even if you hit a target and stay there or go beyond it, I’m sure you’ve seen countless examples of people who piled up lots of money but ended up alone, sick, unhappy, feeling empty inside, and experiencing all kinds of other “symptoms” that drag down their quality of life.

You could say if you lived a fabulous lifestyle — with fancy homes, fancy cars, fancy clothes, fabulous trips and lots of goodies and toys– you won The Money Game. But did you really?

You could say you won The Money Game if you had a large income (however you’d define that) and a bunch of money in the bank or in a portfolio of some kind when you died.

But many people would disagree with that as a criteria for winning and many people intentionally give away all or large chunks of their wealth to charity before they die, so that doesn’t work for a definition of winning The Money Game either.

So if you take a close and honest look at it, there’s absolutely no clear definition of what winning the game means!

Not “Fun” Either …

We play (and watch) games for fun, for the sheer pleasure of playing, and the rules, regulations and structure are set up to support us in having as much fun as possible.

Although there are exceptions, for most people it’s not much fun to play The Money Game except in brief spurts when it seems to be “going well.” Wouldn’t you agree from your own experience?

The Money Game is one of the most emotionally charged games we play, if not the most emotionally charged game we play.

I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics about how money stress is one of the key causes of relationships breaking up and tension between parents and children.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the damaging effects, to employees and owners alike, of money stress in the workplace.

Let’s Take A Closer Look …

You’ve been playing the Money Game for a long time.

The older you are, the longer you’ve been playing.

There are no clear rules, regulations or structure, but you’ve been following the ones you were taught by parents or other mentors growing up.

You’ve also been afraid of the “penalties” you were taught result when you don’t.

You convinced yourself The Money Game, the rules, regulations, and structure, are real, are etched in stone, and must be followed to the letter.

You convinced yourself the penalties were real and would be incurred if you violated the rules.

You’ve given tremendous power to money, just as I did, and just about everybody else you see on the street did, too.

But I’m here to tell you that none of what you were taught is true or real.

Nothing is etched in stone and everything is entirely “negotiable.” In order to see The Truth of what I just said, let’s take a closer look at some of the foundational “rules and regulations” I know you bought into — hook, line and sinker.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong or bad about that. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid or foolish. It doesn’t mean the people who taught you were bad people.

Quite the opposite really, as you’ll see if you join me on the amazing journey of Busting Loose From The Money Game.

The Money Game was a brilliant creation that served many people extremely well for a long time. Now, however, you have the opportunity to make a different choice.

There’s A Limited Supply Available …

One of the core rules of The Money Game is there’s a limited supply of money available to you. When I say “available” to you, I mean money you can actually use to buy and do things.

You might say the amount “available” to you is what you have in your checking account or other readily accessible cash account. Since you have a limited supply of money available to you at any given moment, every time you “spend” money, your supply decreases.

Your supply may be replenished from “income,” but every time you spend, technically the limited supply that’s available to you decreases and if you’re struggling financially, it becomes extremely stressful and painful to watch your limited supply consistently decreasing as money goes out.

You Can Lose It …

One of the other core “rules” of the Money Game is you can lose your money. You can go broke. Money can be taken away from you in a lawsuit, theft, a divorce, bad investments, a stock market crash, embezzlement, etc.

In short, money is unstable, no matter how much you pile up.

A corollary to this is you can actually go beyond zero when it comes to losing money and actually go into debt, which is something I did in a major way in what I now humorously refer to as my “Murphy’s Law Phase.”

More “Rules” …

Another “rule” of The Money Game is if you want to be rich you’ve got think like the rich do. You’ve got to have beliefs installed in your subconscious mind like rich people do. You’ve got to then do the same things as rich people do.

Here’s another real biggie: If you want to have more money, you’ve got to work harder or smarter and deliver more value to whomever can give you money back for your effort — bosses, customers, clients, etc.

Here’s yet another rule: You’ve got to have a plan. If you want to win The Money Game, you’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to save your money, invest it wisely and patiently build wealth over time.

Heard that one before? There are plenty of people who disagree with that particular “rule” but lots and lots of people will tell you that’s one of the rules you absolutely must play The Money Game by.

Here’s another one: If you have a lot of money, you’d better protect it from attacks. “Attacks” can mean theft, lawsuits, divorces, unethical financial managers, embezzlement, con games, whatever it might be.

The operating belief is that if you’ve got a lot of money, you’ve got to protect yourself because people want to take it from you. In order to protect their wealth, people will go to great lengths, including setting up expensive and complex legal structures that “hide it.”

Here’s another supposed rule: You must be prudent and responsible with money. I can’t tell you how many times I heard that from my father and indirectly from my grandfather when I was young.

Here’s one final “rule” to consider: If you want to make a bunch of money, you’ve got to be fully, totally and truly committed to making it. It’s got to be priority #1 in your life. You’ve got to be serious about it. You’ve got to be passionate about it or it’s not going to happen.

Popping The Myths …

I could go on and on and on about so-called rules of playing The Money Game. You probably have your own rules you could add to the general ones I just listed and we could go on forever with that.

I have a limited amount of time with you here so I want to move on to
some myths that have been accepted as true about The Money Game. Here
they are:

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. There’s something dirty about money and those who have it: The more they have, the more dirty they must be somehow.
  3. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer: That’s just the way the world works.
  4. Money is like a wild animal you don’t control money, it will control you: As a result, so you’d better put steps into place so that you can
    control it, harness all that wild energy and power so that you can be
    in the driver’s seat and keep it under control.
  5. There’s never enough: This is another biggie. If you play The Money Game according to the rules you were taught, no matter how much you pile up, it’s never enough. We always want more. There’s nothing bad about that. I’m not
    judging it in any way, it’s just part of The Game. When we play The Money Game, we have an insatiable need for more and more and more.
  6. More is better: This is a corollary of “There’s never enough.” No matter where you are right now, no matter how good it may appear or how difficult it may seem, more is definitely better, no matter what. Just a general rule of thumb.
  7. Money doesn’t grow on trees: Meaning it doesn’t come easy. You’ve got to work hard for it.
  8. Some people have the skill of making money and others don’t and that’s just the way it is: Some people are just good at it, other people aren’t, and for those people who aren’t they never will be. It’s just a skill that they don’t
    have and cannot develop.
  9. You can’t play The Money Game well and be spiritual: That’s one I’m sure you’ve heard.
  10. Net worth is the true measure of wealth: When it really comes down to it, net worth is king. It doesn’t matter what your income is, what matters is how much of that income you’ve been able to sock away and have as liquid assets, if you will, or simply net worth on your balance sheet, on your financial statement, that’s king.

Here’s The Bottom Line …

The truthfulness and validity of the rules, regulations, structure and myths I just discussed about The Money Game run very deep in you.

The ones I’ve mentioned are just the ones that relate to your “personal life.” There’s a whole other set we could talk about that relates to business.

However, here’s the key point to get right now …

The rules, regulations, structure and myths may make perfect sense to you.

They may seem perfectly logical to you.

But …

They’re not true!

Not even one of them is true!

I realize part of you may want to stop reading now — thinking I must be crazy or on drugs, but stick with me here because I’m holding a key that can unlock an amazing vault for you if you’ll but reach out and grasp it.

Here’s another key point that’s critical to understand …

You Can’t “Win” The Money Game …

The Money Game was designed set up and designed to create total and utter “failure.” It was set up and designed — intentionally — so it cannot be “won.”

Why can’t you win The Money Game?

Well, let’s take a look at that.

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, there’s no official ending point. If there isn’t an official ending point, how can you know if you’ve won or not?

Second, your money is always at risk. Again, whether it’s lawsuits, business failure, divorces, embezzlement, poor investments, the economy, the stock market crashing, a real estate boom bottoming out, whatever it might be, your money is always at risk.

It’s never safe.

Some people could say, “Well, it’s safe if I leave it in the bank,” but if you look at history, there have been plenty of bank failures in the United States or around the world.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no clear definition of winning, which is the biggest reason why you can’t win the game. If there’s no target, how can you win the game?

You can’t!

In football, you know whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins it when the time runs out.

In baseball, you know that whoever has the most runs at the end of official time wins the game.

In basketball, whoever has the most points when time runs out wins the game. It’s very clear, all the players know what winning means. They have a clear target and they’re constantly shooting for that target.

But with the Money Game, there’s no target.

Even if you imagine one or you create one for yourself, then the target constantly changes. The rules keep changing, too, depending on what’s going on in your life, or in the economy, or in your culture, or in the specific time in history.

Another Biggie To Consider …

Here’s another HUGE reason why you can’t win the Money Game that a lot of people don’t learn or they don’t learn until they’ve already been sucked into it. What is it? There’s always another level of success or consumption that makes your current level pale in comparison.

I tell this story a lot in my live events. This is an extreme example that may seem ridiculous to you, but I’m sharing it with you to make an important point, I once knew a man who was a multimillionaire and had a million dollar annual income. He had a beautiful home, drove expensive cars, took nice trips, had an overall awesome lifestyle and was very happy with it.

Then he started hanging out with people with a net worth of $100 million dollars, $200 million dollars, even $1 billion.

All of a sudden, when he looked at his lifestyle and compared it to the lifestyle of those other people, his lifestyle didn’t look so hot.

All of a sudden he became very unhappy, dissatisfied with his life, and created an overwhelming need to “improve things.”

Let me give you another extreme example to hammer this point home. I know another man who had a very successful career and financial life. In conversation, however, he constantly expresses sadness because his level of success never allowed him to own and operate his own private jet — despite the fact that he always traveled First Class on the airlines.

Now, I don’t judge either of these men. That’s not the point. The point is, no matter how much money you make, no matter how much money you have in your net worth, there is always somebody that has more.

No matter how many toys you have or how big your house is or how expensive your car is or whatever it might be, there’s always someone that has something bigger, faster, or more of whatever you have and so many of us fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, finding ourselves wanting, and feeling dissatisfied with our situations.

I can say with absolute certainty that you’ve had feelings like this at some point in your life.

Maybe at many points in your life.

The “S” Word …

You also can’t win The Money Game because you can make a lot of money, keep a lot of money (which means build your net worth), spend a lot of money, invest wisely, live like a king or a queen, but for all the reasons I just shared with you, playing The Money Game always leads to some form of …

Extreme stress (the “S” word) in the form of pressure, loss, dissatisfaction, health issues, relationship issues, lack of free time, etc.

Even though you might not want to hear it, I must tell you that The Money Game was designed to create outcomes like that. It’s a harsh but truthful observation about playing The Money Game — if you play according to the rules you were taught.

Imagine playing or watching a basketball game, baseball game or football game that was played under the same “conditions:”

  • There’s no start time
  • There’s no stop time
  • There are no clear rules, just what another player taught you
  • There’s no real structure
  • You don’t know who’s winning or losing at any given moment
  • There’s no way of knowing who ultimately won the game because the game never ends.

Would anybody want to play or watch a game that was played under those conditions, yes or no?

The answer is “No!”

Nobody would want to play and nobody would want to watch.

Yet that’s exactly what we do with The Money Game, day after day after day, year after year after year until
we die.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Since there’s no way to win The Money Game, your only choice, unless you just want to continue playing under those conditions, is to bust loose entirely, start playing a new game with new rules, and transform your life — and finances — forever.

What if I told you that I could show you how to do that step by simple step, no matter how crazy or pie in the sky it seems?

Would you want to do it?

If so, when?

Why I’m Uniquely Qualified To Bust You Loose
From the Money Game — Right Here, Right Now

If you’re like many people I speak with, it’s exciting to think you can bust loose from The Money Game. It’s exciting to think there could be a way out of the stress you’re feeling as it relates to playing The Money Game.

But you’re so invested in the rules, regulations, structure and myths being true, you may not believe it’s possible, or you might not believe I’m qualified to help you do it.

Let me address both issues.

If you’ve been in my sphere of influence for awhile, you already know the answer to that question. You know you can trust me and believe in me when I make a statement like that.

But …

If you’re new to me and The Teachings and Experiences I share, and you don’t know very much about me, my history or story, let me give you a few reasons why you might want to believe me when I tell you I can help you bust loose from The Money Game.

First, I busted loose from the Money Game myself. I actually created a new game with new rules of my design. Along the way, I created a map to document the journey so I could help others follow in my footsteps. I
can give you that map. I can teach you how to read it.

A Fortune 500 Success Story
To Sweeten The Pot …

If you want even more incentive, consider this. My grandfather, who’s photo you can see below, founded a Fortune 500 company called Manpower, Inc., the world’s largest temporary help service …




Last time I looked, Manpower was #144 on the Fortune 500 with sales of $20+ BILLION …




Here’s a copy of the cover of what was then Success Magazine from 1969. You can see circled “The Man from Manpower” which was a story on my grandfather in this magazine at the time.



Here’s a copy of the actual article from inside that magazine, just in case you want a little extra proof or you’re a very skeptical type and like to actually see stuff to document the claims that people make …


So, I grew up living within that tremendous success story. As I was growing up, I knew he’d done something very unusual to create that kind of monumental success, but no one in the family seemed to know what it was or was talking about it.

When I was 12, I’d been bugging him for an entire year to tell me the secret to his success. He finally took me out for a cup of hot chocolate on a Sunday morning and started telling me the secret of what he did that was so different.

He Started Mentoring Me, But …

My grandfather started mentoring me on that day on a very unusual mind set and set of strategies he credited with creating his gigantic success story and a fabulous life and lifestyle.

However, he died eight months later — before he could finish mentoring me.

He did start me on the amazing path that ultimately led to me busting loose from The Money Game.

He gave me many puzzle pieces for what I now call “TRUE Prosperity And Abundance” and “Ultimate Freedom” before he died.

He left many clues about where to find the others, but the puzzle was far from complete.

I therefore spent twenty years applying what he taught me and following the clues he left, working to assemble the complete “big picture” I think he would have given me had he lived to do so.

Along the way, as I was assembling puzzle pieces, I stopped to kick out several “debriefs” about what I learned. The first was a book and later a course called The Invisible Path to Success.

I used what I shared in those works to become a millionaire at a young age and lead a very high flying and expensive lifestyle.

Then when I was 31, it was like somebody flipped a switch. My father used to call me “Lucky Pierre” when I was a kid, for obvious reasons, and all of a sudden I had a seven year date with Murphy of Murphy’s Law fame where I could do nothing right.

Poof! Two Million Dollars,
Gone With The Wind …

I lost nearly two million dollars and went $153,000 into debt. I didn’t understand what was going on because I thought I understood the principles my grandfather had described, and hinted at.

I thought I’d become quite masterful at applying them.

Also, I hadn’t been doing anything different when everything went south on me. It’s not like I made all this money and then got stupid, sloppy and careless and pissed it all away.

I thought to myself, “There must be something I’m missing here, some other puzzle pieces I haven’t gotten yet and I’m going to go find them.” Then, out of desperation, I went back to the drawing board, back on a search for the puzzle pieces I was obviously missing.

I gathered up more puzzle pieces, restored my wealth and then kicked out another debrief I called The 11th Element, which became a Wall Street Journal bestselling book and later a hugely successful course. 

I figured, “Now I’ve got it!”

By using my expanded and enhanced toolkit, I created a series of successes in the business world, including Blue Ocean Software, which was one of my greatest accomplishments up to that point …




When I got involved with Blue Ocean Software, they’d just done $1.2 million in sales the previous year. Four and a half years later, we’d grown it to $44 million with outrageous profits (50% profit margins).

We then sold the company to software giant Intuit for $177 million dollars, a nice chunk of which I received for my efforts.

Here’s a copy of a newspaper article documenting the sale:



So I figured “OK, I’ve got the system down now. I really have my act together. This is really working!”

Because I’d made so much from a variety of other projects — plus the Blue Ocean Software windfall — I thought I was finally safe.

But a year after we sold the company, strange things started happening and money
stared hemorrhaging out of me again.

I Wasn’t In Any Danger — Yet — But …

I wasn’t in any danger, but it was pouring out at a rapid pace with little or nothing coming back in. I thought to myself, “If this continues, I’m going to end up back where I was before so what the hell am I missing now?”

I thought I had the system. I thought I understood how it all worked.

I had to admit I was still missing something important and I went into a real crisis. When I crashed and burned before it was just me. In the middle of my seven year date with Murphy, I got married, so for three and a half of the seven years it was me and my wife.

But our lifestyle had become simple and inexpensive at that point and we were able to weather the storm.

Now we had two kids, an expensive lifestyle we enjoyed, a private school the kids and my wife loved, etc. if I crashed and burned — then — it wouldn’t be just me.

It would have been all of us and I couldn’t allow that to happen.

The pain would have been too excruciating to bear.

My grandfather was a very successful lawyer who over extended himself before the stock market crash in 1929. He lost everything and spent thirty years repaying his debts with interest because he wasn’t willing to go bankrupt.

You could say in that sense he had some ups and downs, but once Manpower happened, he soared and never had a down again.

But I was having severe ups and downs and my prosperity seemed awfully fragile.

So I applied one of my 11th Element strategies to ask for help to find the pieces I was obviously still missing and a year later, a portal opened into a new world and I jumped through it to finally bust loose from The Money Game.




Am I foolish enough to think I NOW have all the puzzle pieces and have nothing else to learn?


In fact, if you join me in busting loose from The Money Game, you’ll see how much more there is to learn and experience — and how incredibly exhilarating it is to live once you’ve busted loose!

I now have the ability to open that same portal for you and support you in leaping through it into a new world — into busting loose from The Money Game yourself, without having to go through all the pain, ups and downs I experienced along the way.

I promise you, if you make the choice to leap through the portal, what you’ll then discover in the new world is a pathway to follow that makes money a complete non-issue in your life.

I know it doesn’t look like it from your current perspective, but money was never meant to be:

  • A “means of exchange”
  • Something you needed to live your life
  • Something that runs your life
  • Something that has so much power over you

That’s not what money was meant to be. That’s not how money was meant to work.

That’s how our relationship with money was meant to flow.

Show Me “The Exit,” Please …

Money has an entirely different purpose, a purpose you’ve never been told or shown, a purpose that will shock you when you finally discover The Truth When you understand what the True purpose is and you align with it in your day to day life (which I can show you how to do), you exit from The Money Game forever …




Your exit experience will:

  • Change you in deep and profound ways
  • Transform your relationship with yourself forever
  • Transform your relationship with money forever
  • Transform your relationship with business forever, if that’s a big part of your focus right now or you intend it to be in the future
  • Transform your relationship with “The Universe” forever as well

That exit can be opened for you by what I call …

The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience

Let me explain what I mean by that. When I first started sharing this Experience, I shared it in the form of live events. It was a 4-day event. People came, they transformed and they began the process of busting loose in those four days.

It took me a while to perfect the process of how can I share this information, how can I facilitate other people busting loose just like I did.

So I did multiple events until I worked out what I call the magic formula for how I could transmit this experience to other people.

Then I expanded what I was doing and offered it as a 5-day Experience.

At the last event I did, I had a professional video crew come, they filmed everything, they audio taped everything, and we worked together so that you, in the privacy of your own home, can have pretty much the same exact experience those other people had when they came to a live event.

Plus, I later added a bunch of other way cool components the live attendees never experienced!


The only real difference is you don’t have to travel, take days off, deal with hotels and rental cars and deal with the other complications associated with traveling.

Here’s How The Experience Flows …

We start out by getting crystal clear on how you see The Money Game right now. Then we’ll go into the philosophy underlying The Busting Loose Process. Then we’re going to go into the science that supports the philosophy.

Then we’re going to go into what I call the mechanics of manifestation, which is what really creates what happens to all of us every day and what we experience.

Then we’re going to open that portal into the new world that I promised you and we’re going to jump through it together.




Then I’m going to show you how to bust loose from The Money Game when you’re on the other side of the portal, in the new world, and how to Experience a radically different lifestyle and way of life within it.

I’ll using a lot of video clips and other images and experiences to help you integrate everything and so you have powerful references that will stock with you after your TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience ends.

Assembling The Puzzle Pieces …

I want you to compare your experience of busting loose from The Money Game to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You’re going to get a lot of puzzle pieces and at times they may not look like much, or you may not see where we’re going.

The puzzle pieces were chosen very carefully in order to create a specific impact on you.

As you move through The Busting Loose Experience and collect more and more pieces, they’ll assemble themselves into an amazing “big picture” for you that empowers you to bust loose from The Money Game …

It’s Only Fair To Warn You …



What I’m going to sharing with you throughThe TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience is the exact opposite of what you’ve been taught all your life. So you may think at times …

  • Is he crazy?
  • He can’t possibly be serious?
  • No way!

Or my personal favorite:

  • Bullshit!

If any of that comes up, it’s perfectly understandable. It’s just part of The Busting Loose Process. Welcome it and enjoy it because by the end of your Experience, if any thoughts like that did come up, they’ll be long gone.

As you go throughThe TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience, You may feel at times overwhelmed, disoriented, skeptical, angry, uncomfortable, or fried.

Again, if any of those things come up, just let them wash through you. It’s part of the deal and we’ll move through it together.

If you’re like most of the people I’ve shared this with, despite any resistance that might be in this space, a voice inside will be whispering to you …

“That’s true and somehow I’ve always known it”

I’d say 95% of the time that’s what I get from people when they’ve been exposed to this material, no matter how way out it may seem at one point.

Awakening In The New World …

When you get to the practical section of the experience you’ll get a precise set of 4 easy to use tools.

You’ll be shown exactly how to use the 4 tools.

You’ll then use them day-in, day-out until you ultimately hit what I call The Busting Loose Point.

Then, you’ll cross The Busting Loose Point and awaken into a new world with no limits or restrictions of any kind as it relates to money (except the ones that create something fun for you to Experience) …

A world where there’s no more worrying about bills or your checkbook balance; no more asking “Can I afford that” or “Should I buy that” …

It means a world where there’s no more concern about the in and out flow of money in your life; about the economy, the stock market, assets, liabilities, income, profits, debts or taxes.

It means a world where there’s no more of the stress and complications that usually comes from trying to manage, grow and protect the winnings in the Money Game, so to speak, that you’ve been able to pile up.

It means no more working your butt off to make ends meet or to carve out a little pleasure or luxury in your life.

Does that sound unbelievable?

I assure you it’s absolutely real and very doable if you know how, which I can show you..

It’s NOT Just About The Money …

By the way,The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience isn’t just about money …

Once you “bust loose,” the effects ripples through EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE …

Without exception.

What The Experience Is Not

I’ve talked a lot about what The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience is.

Now let’s talk about what it’s not.

First of all, it is not a magic bullet.

It is not a magic genie.

Do not expect to participate in this experience, complete it, and find out you’re instantly rich, you’ve completely busted loose from the Money Game and money has instantly become a non-issue.

That’s not going to happen!

As I mentioned, I’m going to open a portal for you. I’m going to help you leap through the portal into a new world. I’m going to give you a map of that new world and show you how to use it to navigate to reach The Busting Loose Point.

But you’re going to have to navigate.

You’re going to have to do some hard work.

You’re going to have to apply the tools you’re given and do things moving forward in order to actually cross The Busting Loose Point where money becomes a non issue.

I’m going to show you how to put your foot on the gas, so to speak, and accelerate forward to that point where money becomes a non issue but be clear that it’s not going to happen overnight.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

This is not a course on how to start or build your own business.

It’s not a course on investing, marketing, network marketing, saving money on taxes, or any of the kinds of experiences that fall into those categories.

This is not one of those experiences that has been hyped and exaggerated; where you can come, do nothing, and have everything instantly change for the better in your life.

That’s not going to happen.

This is not another experience where you’re going to reprogram your subconscious mind, change your beliefs, re-wire your brain, and change your life through the process.

That’s not what this is about.

Trust Your Gut On This, Not Your Mind …

Here’s how to make a decision as to whether The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience is for you — period — or at this particular moment in time.

You need to trust your gut.

You cannot make an intellectual decision on this.

There’s no way I could give you enough information to empower you to do that and even if I gave you every little piece of information I could possibly give you about the agenda and what’s going to happen and answer all your intellectual questions, you still wouldn’t be able to take a look at all of that information in a way that would allow you to make an intelligent decision.

It is too big of a deal, too complex a decision and as I mentioned, this experience may not be right for you.

It’s not right for everyone.

You’ve got to KNOW this is right for you.

You’ve got to feel a pull from deep within you to join me on this journey. If you feel that kind of a pull, then you’ve got to trust that feeling, you’ve got to trust that pull and you’ve just got to do it.

Even if it seems like you don’t know where you’re going to come up with the money, you can’t possibly afford it, whatever it might be, if you feel that genuine true strong pull from deep within you, then you need to just go for it and trust that the money will take care of itself.

If you don’t feel that kind of a pull, this seems interesting or it seems cool or you don’t resonate with it or whatever, but you don’t feel that kind of strong pull to join me on this journey into true financial freedom, I’d advise you not to join me because it’s clearly not for you — period or not at this particular moment in time.

Because This Journey Is So Different …

As you’ve no doubt noticed, there’s a lot I shared with you about what The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience is all about, what the process is like, and what you can expect — but there is also a lot I did not tell you.

That was intentional!

Everything in The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience goes completely opposite to what you’ve been taught and what you believed to be True for a really long time, so I felt that it was important to make this Tour opposite of what you normally experience, too.

Normally, somebody would give you a whole bunch of facts and figures and stuff you could process logically, intellectually and think about it, and make a decision based on your thinking, intellect, logic.

That’s not what this is about!

This is about feeling. If this journey is right for you, you WILL feel a pull from deep within you.

So, do you?

Do you feel a tug from deep within you that says something like this …

“I’ve got to do this. I need to do this. I’m tired of playing The Money Game the way I was taught. I’m tired of the side effects from playing the Game the way I was taught. I want to Bust Loose. I want to create a new game, and I want to start playing the way I want to play with rules that work for me. I feel that tug. I want to do it.’

If you’re feeling that tug, I urge you to take the next step and join me in TRUE Prosperity And Abundance.

You now have the genuine opportunity to melt not just the tip of the iceberg, but the entire iceberg and Bust Loose From The Money Game — permanently and completely .

Answer These Questions For Yourself …

  1. What would it be worth to you to Bust Loose From The Money Game once and for all?
  2. What would it be worth to enter a world where there’s no more worrying about bills or the balance in your checkbook. No more asking “Can I afford that?” Or “Should I buy that?” Or denying yourself what you really want because it’s “too expensive” (important note: for most of us, there’s a HUGE difference between what we think we want and what we REALLY want!)
  3. What would it be worth to enter a world where there’s no more concern about the in and out flow of money in your life, about the economy, the stock market, assets, liabilities, income, profits, debts or taxes?
  4. What would it be worth to enter a world where there’s no more of the stress and complication that come from trying to manage, grow and protect the “winnings” you’ve been able to pile up?
  5. What would it be worth to enter a world where there’s no more working your butt off to “make ends meet” or carve out a little pleasure or luxury in your life?
  6. What would it be worth to enter a world with no limits or restrictions of any kind as it relates to money?

A rare, unique and MAJOR door of opportunity has just opened for you.

Will you walk through it or stay locked in the limitation of The Money Game?

Come join me — NOW.

It’s time to Bust Loose!

I thank you for your time, for your energy, and your commitment in finding your way all the way to the end of this Guided Tour.

I know you’re busy and I really appreciate you coming here to spend some time with me.

If you make the decision to participate in The TRUE Prosperity And Abundance Experience, I’ll very much look forward to working with you and helping you bust loose from The Money Game right here, right now.


Wanna join me on this extraordinary and exquisite adventure into TRUE Prosperity And Abundance?

Click on the link below to take the next step:

Open the portal for me, Robert