The Power And Impact Of Your Secret Desires

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Every day you focus on fulfilling your “visible” goals and desires.

But underneath them, there’s always a “secret desire” that’s actually more important to you.

In this post, I discuss the power and impact of your secret desires.

And why it’s of absolute importance that you become aware of what they are …

And begin focusing on fulfilling them …

And …

Your visible desires …

Instead of just the visible ones.

Find out for yourself by clicking play below:



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  • Annie

    Thanks Robert,
    I totally agree, I am going for freedom and peace.

  • Diane

    the money will give me the exact desire I want which is comfort and security, not having to work for anyone, being able to get the things I need without the worry of not being able to afford them

  • Tony Rosser

    Hi Robert, Tony and Barb here from UKTF Sydney (1). We listened to this and I got to my secret desire straight away. The desire is security and digging even deeper was the prospect of homelessness. I don’t fear homelessness as I let go of fear and ego a long time ago, hence my being able to grasp the concept of TCE, something you confirmed for me that deep down I always knew but didn’t know how to express it.

    Barb’s foremost secret desire was the same as mine, security. Although digging deeper it boiled down to a fear of hunger. Having nowhere to plant her seeds (physical not metaphorical) is her biggest fear.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Cool! I hear you. Thanks for the share. The next opportunity here is to drop beneath words, ideas and concepts, look into Inner Space, and get clear on what “security” really means, how it appears, what it looks like, and see how things move from there.

      My greatest wish for you is that you’ll have an ever expanding Experience of Truth!


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