Here’s Your Latest Issue Of The Friday Awakening …
Have you registered for my brand new email and video trainings on Ultimate Freedom yet?

There’s one version for people new to The Teachings, and another version for people experienced with The Teachings.

If you haven’t, you can get immediate access here:

 “What If I Don’t Have The Money To Do
The Programs I Want To Do?”
In this weeks’s Friday Q&As video, I answer a question I received 5 times this week:

“How can I create Breakthroughs and Transformation, knock out cloud cover, make the leap into Phase 3, and Experience Ultimate Freedom if I don’t have the money to do your big programs?”

Click the image below to hear my answer (which will likely be interesting and supportive even if you have plenty of money):

Other Goodies For You …

Brutally Honest Tuesdays: What Would Your Life Be Like If You Really Did Have Unlimited Power?

In this video, continuing along the lines of the last 2 episodes, I chat with you about what your life would be like if you really did have unlimited power and you really could create anything you wanted using various techniques.

Check it out here


Inspirational Quote Of The Week …

“Words are the net used to capture the world. Mind is the means used to deliver the word. Both fail. Can the wind be kept in a box? Truth is halved when it is told.”

-Wu Hsin (my favorite ancient Chinese Master)

Are You Into Drinking The Purest Possible Water?

Yes, it’s all illusions and stories, and, I still choose to play certain health and wellness games because it’s fun and it does appear to affect my body.

One of them is drinking pure water.

When I’m home, I drink water that’s purified, ionized, and alkaline, using a water ionizer (let me know if you want to know which one).

But when I travel, I don’t have that option. I found this way cool water bottle that I now use for that purpose and thought you might like to know about it.

Beware: To my bias, the marketing on the site you’ll click through to is a bit hypey and aggressive, and the video is long, but it’s worth it to wade through it, even if you feel the same way. Check it out here:

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