Episode 12: Straight Talk About Your Mission And Purpose In Life

 In Live Stream

This is the replay from Episode 12 of The Brutally Honest Tuesdays Show, that aired live on 7/24/18.

This is a VERY important Episode because Mission And Purpose shape EVERYTHING that happens to you, and you need to know the brutally honest Truth about it.

Feel free to enter questions or comments below, about the Episode content, especially if you got cut off due to the technical issues we had today.



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  • Marji

    Your explanation of our purpose just makes me laugh. I feel more relaxed knowing that there is something much bigger than my mind that knows what it’s all about. And so we can relax and do what we are doing without stress or fear that we are not doing “enough” or “the right thing.” If what you say is true, then Alfred E. Newman had it right all along: “What, me worry?” No worrying is necessary. We are all getting it “right” even though our ideas of what is “right” (or “wrong”) are not happening. It’s all ok. It’s ok to be where you are. The world is ok even though it appears justice is not being done. And it’s ok too to fight the good fight, to be brave and strong OR to be cowardly and weak. We all win in the end because we cannot stop existing. We already are and will ever be. So there.

    • Robert MasterLogin

      Hi Marji …
      Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the share, and you, very much.
      Yes, you got it.
      However, just relaxing without stress and fear is easier said than done, as you know. I discovered that cannot be done by thinking, intention, willpower, techyniques, a decision, or with the mind. Something else must happen that makes it an automatic and natural way of Being. That’s what The Ultimate Freedom Experience is all about.

  • Helle

    Recently a shift took place, inside me ; and the relationship with everything, that is happening in my life, is making me wonder if I´m still on the same panet ??

    For instance: If somethig happens, that I would have called BAD in phase 1 – or even, terrible to a degree where I would have been running around, screaming and tearing my hear out in frustration – when this happen now, I see it as a gift of the day – “Wow – how do I deal with this thing ?” (problem)

    How exciting, it will be to – maybe to fix it – . And will it take a long time ? And will it be solved?

    Yes it IS like reading an exciting novel (the most interesting ever – since it is my novel)

    No I am not happy that the “catastrophe” happened – But I am SO happy, that I get to ezperience it, and that I can watch and participate in it – and see where it goes !

  • Robert MasterLogin

    I hear you, Helle. Cool …
    So much more to come on all of this when you get to The Ultimate Freedom Experience in September! 🙂

  • Angie Monko

    Hi Robert,
    I’d love to hear more how your China trip went. Glad that you’re back. What I really enjoyed about episode 12 (I’ve watched all of them) is your reminder that our connection to True Creative Essence is ALWAYS there and has always been there. We can’t “get life wrong.” Even if we experience depression or fear or whatever label we put on an emotion, there is a 100% connection to TCE because we ARE TCE.
    Take care, my friend! Thanks for being YOU.

  • Robert MasterLogin

    Hi Angie …

    Thanks for the comment. Glad the video was supportive.


    China was awesome.

    Most speaking I’ve ever done in a straight shot. 7 days.

    Did a 3 hour event designed to invite new people into future UFEs.

    Did a one-day event on just The Process tool from the Money Game book.

    Started a new UFE for a new group and finished up the first group ever in China that began the UFE in March.

    So fun!

    Lots of great food, friends (new and old), and adventures.

    Also enjoyed some rare and very high proof Chinese rice wine 🙂

    I really love it there and my team there (business partner and host, translators, tech team, staffers) is awesome. We feel like family now.

    My best to the girls.


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