Welcome To Another Issue Of The Friday Awakening …
After 5 months of “craziness,” starts and stops, hires and fires, I finally launched my new website.

I’m super excited about it as I feel it shines my personal Essence and the Essence of The Teachings better than anything I’ve ever created before – especially The Ultimate Freedom Teachings.

A few pieces and some way cool new technology to allow me to interact with you aren’t done or visible yet, but I love it and I hope you do too.

Check it out here (and if you like what you see, please share it):


Latest Video Training
In this weeks’s Brutally Honest Tuesdays video, I take a brutally honest look at whether “you” really have unlimited power and can create anything “you” want in your life using techniques. Watch and decide for yourself:
Other Goodies For You …

Friday Q&As …

In this Friday Q&As episode, I answer a frequently asked question about what the difference is between the “Phase 2/Busting Loose Teachings” and the “Phase 3/Ultimate Freedom Teachings.”

Discover the answer here:


Inspirational Quote Of The Week …

“The walls you see crumbling down around you, are the very walls that kept you in prison.”
~ Don Alejandro, Mayan Elder

Only 1 More Ultimate Key To Freedom LIVE Intensive At My Home In 2015 …

I’m only doing one more Ultimate Key To Freedom LIVE Intensive at my home in 2015, September 11-15.

Seats won’t last long, since it’s limited to 10 people. Click on the link below for details:



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