Episode 3: What REALLY Creates Reality, Pt. 2

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This is the replay from Episode 3 of The Brutally Honest Tuesdays Show, which aired live on 5/1/18.

This episode continues a multi-episode discussion of what REALLY creates your reality.

If you’re new to the Show, it is strongly suggested that you watch the previous episodes in their entirety before moving on.

They build on one another.



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  • gerd

    I´m halfways the same age as you and have been searching all my life in religions and philosophies and was WANTING to believe and was looking at myself, if I am doing all this just wrong.
    It is a little bit ashaming to me, that I was not able or not strong enough to see, that IT IS JUST NOT WORKING! None of this, though I was really ready to lie to myself. So – thank you for this – to open my eyes – it does not open any goal to me, but takes tons of weight off my life and emotions. I´m looking forward to listen to the next vids. Thanks for this push.

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