Episode 4: What REALLY Creates Reality, Pt. 3

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This is the replay from Episode 4 of The Brutally Honest Tuesdays Show, that aired live on 5/8/18.

This episode continues a multi-episode discussion of what REALLY creates your reality, and what you experience every day, inside of you and outside of you.

If you’re new to the Show, it is strongly suggested that you watch the previous episodes in their entirety before moving on.

They build on one another.



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  • Adrianna

    I really love this episode (episode #4). Watched it 4-5 times now. Finding it very supportive to My Story.

    Love the analogy of the cracked, wobbly foundation. Every time I see and hear about knocking it out and replacing it I feel like Alice in Wonderland jumping down the rabbit hole…in a “good”, freeing way. I feel something shifting inside (a.k.a. I can feel The Truth Virus Injection working…hope I can say that here).

    I found that this episode, plus your video on “What is The Truth about Cause and Effect” (http://www.robertscheinfeld.com/the-brutally-honest-truth-about-cause-and-effect/), super-supportive for me.

    Love and totally appreciate the perspectives you share very much!! Thanks Robert!!

  • Robert Scheinfeld

    Super, Adrianna. Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the share, and you, very much. 🙂

  • Dan

    Robert, thank you so much for sharing this wisdom. I’ve been following your teachings for some time, but listening to this series, something just “clicked.” The Truth was always hiding in plain sight! The feeling of freedom and relief is indescribable. I hope that events will unfold so that I can thank you in person someday.

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Cool, Dan. Thrilled to hear it! Yes, indescribable, although part of my “job” is to try, and more importantly, to help people EXPERIENCE Truth and Ultimate Freedom, not just understand it. My greatest wish for you is that you’ll have an ever expanding Experience of Truth!


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