Episode 6: The Magic Genie Effect And The Big Decision You Must Make

 In Live Stream

This is the replay from Episode 6 of The Brutally Honest Tuesdays Show, that aired live on 5/22/18.

If you’re new to the Show, it is strongly suggested that you watch the previous episodes in their entirety before moving on.

They build on one another.



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  • Adrianna

    Thanks again Robert, the video and what you shared continue to cause huge ripples in my pond!! Especially in being able to See what’s happening in Inner Space.

  • Robert Scheinfeld

    My pleasure, Adrianna. Glad to hear it. Everything I do through the Show is designed to create ripples that open gateways into an Experience of Truth! 🙂

  • Barbara Drexler

    Dear Robert,
    I search the text “The-big-why”. But I can`t find it. Can you help me?
    My engisch ist not very good. This ist the reasen, because my message is very short.
    The best wishes

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