Episode 7: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

 In Live Stream

This is the replay from Episode 7 of The Brutally Honest Tuesdays Show, that aired live on 5/29/18.

If you’re new to the Show, it is strongly suggested that you watch the previous episodes in their entirety before moving on.

The first block of Episodes, including this one, build on one another.



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  • helle boysen

    Hi Robert

    It´s a good idea thar you are wearing a different shirt every time – then it is easy to see if you are watching the right show



  • Robert Scheinfeld

    Yes. Plus the titles always show what episode it is too.

  • Michael

    Hi Robert
    Thanks for this have known for a while the party line doesn’t work. Even when “rarely” I got a result it never seemed to last or it never repeated. Funny thing when I have been listening to you I get little jerks and surges of energy in my body is this usual?

    • Robert MasterLogin

      Hi Michael …

      On this Path, there’s really no such thing as “usual,” nor does it matter, since all our journeys are custom-designed to be unqiue.

      To my bias, the surges are who you really are, what I now call “True Creative Essence,” pointing a finger (metaphorically) and saying “This is The Truth!”


  • Michael

    Thanks for your reply. Keep on going then ha ha

  • Anja Walter-Ris

    Then improvisations – some movies are being done having actors improvise – are also scripted, as the actor is the “vessel and venue” for the unlimited consciousness / the creative essence to experience this and all life stories.

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