The Mechanics Of Manifestation

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On your journey …

Were you taught, and did you accept, that your thoughts and feelings combine to create your reality?

Ever wonder, beyond a superficial acceptance of teachings like that …

What has to happen in a practical and mechanical way to make that happen and actually be possible?

Ever explore what the term “thoughts” really means, what “thoughts” really are, what makes them appear, disappear, and take the shapes they do in your mind?

And how all of this might affect their creative power?

In this post, I take a mind blowing look at these and related topics, questions, and answers.

Check it out now, while it’s fresh on your mind …


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Love it, hate it, letting it sit, whatever, please share your comments below.

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Showing 5 comments
  • Shoshana

    This is the clearest explanation ever expressed debunking the myth that we as human players can create our own reality. Thank you, Robert!

  • Chris

    I do not comment often but you are doing great work Robert, thank you!

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Hey Chris!

      Happy New Year 2017!

      Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the appreciation, and you, very much.


  • irv mandelberg

    A guy named Werner in the 70’s said: “all there is is bullshit and nothing”. Seems to me you are accurately conveying what he said = that we have been fed the biggest car load of b s that is possible and we bought it hook, line and sinker. We are so deluded and we never question the lies, illusions and stories “they” fed us as a kid and as an adult. And then we live from that nonsense ! Bravo to YOU Robert for sharing “this truth” !!!!! THANKS !!!!!!!

    • Robert Scheinfeld

      Hi Irv …

      Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the share, and you, very much.

      It has definitely been my mission to discover, Experience myself, and then share Truth, and it has been an extraordinary “ride.”

      To my bias, it can be useful, as a blip and stage, to look at what I call lies, illusions, and stories as “bad,” or “negative,” even as “bullshit.”

      I do push a lot, as you know, on how so many things aren’t what they seem, and aren’t the way we’ve been taught and told.

      As a blip and stage, it can seem we are “victims” of a “they” or “someone” who “did it to us.”

      However, from my Experience, after knocking out lots of cloud cover, none of that, or other things I could say about it, is True.

      To my Experience of Truth, the entire what I now call “Human Story,” is definitely “something” that is beyond “positive,” beyond brilliant, beyond beautiful, beyond magnificent, beyond amazing and extraordinary.

      Knowing, Seeing, and Experiencing everything like that, and in many other other ways I can’t simply explain in a comment here, or give you the Experience of with words alone, is a part of what I mean by Experiencing “Ultimate Freedom.”

      I’d like to invite and encourage you, and everyone else reading this, to participate in The Ultimate Freedom Experience if that sort of Experience, what’s underneath and behind it, and the Transformation it opens the door to, appeals to you.


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